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An Invitation to Join our "Customer Support Specialist" Team!


Permanent Full-time "CSS" Position - Work from Home - Anywhere in Canada

We are a virtual office, with everyone working from their home:
  • More flexible life style
    • Saved commuting time
    • Saved commuting costs including vehicle depreciation, value of funds invested, maintenance (i.e. not just fuel)
    • Saved professional, office clothing costs
    • At home conveniences and efficiencies
  • Shift variances (arrange a trade with a fellow CSS)
  • Job portability (i.e. work anywhere in Canada)
You will be providing customers an exceptionally high level of service. Some of your responsibilities will include actioning online requests for vacation properties, receiving/sending messages and receiving/placing telephone calls. There is absolutely no cold calling involved and a long distance VOIP phone is provided by the company.

We take great pride in our company's history, built on outstanding levels of customer service. We strive to find just the right fit for our team, ensuring the opportunity for longevity of employment.

Shift Schedule - OwnerDirect.com is supported every day of the year from 07:00 to 21:00 PT
We currently require team members that are able to work day, evening and weekend shifts.

Minimum Skills Requirements
Please do not apply unless your skills include:
  • 50 wpm or better typing speed (to be confirmed with a short test)
  • excellent grammar
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills (to be confirmed with a short test)
  • excellent computer skills (to be confirmed with a short test)
Important: Please proceed only if you meet all of the above criteria.

Minimum Equipment Requirements
Because your performance will be a function of the quality of your home office equipment; you must have:
  • a private (separate room), quiet home office space (i.e. absolutely no interruptions while on shift)
  • a computer that is less than 4 years old
  • 2 monitors (preferably wide screen) connected to one PC
  • a quality, high speed connection to the internet (minimum speeds of about 5 Mbps down & 1 Mbps up).

    Check your speed now using this Speed Test Site

    Email Only! - Do not send your resume.

    Please copy/paste this table to an email sent to apply@ownerdirect.com. Type complete descriptions/answers into the right column.

    Describe your personal (outside of work) activities
    List the most advanced software applications you are adept with
    Your education & grades
    Your longest time employed - Employer & # of yrs
    Your expected hourly rate ... a range is fine
    List each day/hrs (e.g. Sat/5pm-9pm) you are NOT available to work
    Age of children (if any)
    Province & City of residence
    Your name & phone number with time of day to call
    Explain why you will be an excellent addition to our CSS Team

    What to Expect Next
    Because we receive hundreds of applications, we only reply to a few emails.

    We call only a few applicants and undertake a detailed, careful assessment to make sure that you will enjoy working with our CSS team.

    If you are added to our short list of applicants, you will learn more about:
    • significant discounts on vacation home rentals
    • deductible home office expenses
    • annual office upgrade bonus
    • before tax benefits
    • our existing team
- Or -
Thank You - OwnerDirect.com has successfully received your feedback.