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Villa rentals, condo rentals and apartment rentals are accommodations and lodgings now available in Methoni, Peloponese, Greece. Methoni is located in the province of Messinia in the southern Peloponesse. Beautiful accommodations such as villas, cabins, cottages and holiday homes line the center streets or are hidden in the hills. You can't miss this city's beautiful Byzantine castle fortress which was also used in Venetian times. Methoni is also the place to go for a long uncluttered expanse of beach. There are taverns, restaurants and shops in the area and it is 9km south of Pylos and 9km west of Foinikounda. Rent holiday lodging such as vacation rentals, villa rentals, condo rentals or apartment rentals as your accommodations in Methoni, Greece.

Methoni is a gorgeous village in the Peloponese region of Greece. Peloponese is a large peninsula in Greece filled with history, wonder and adventure. Experience the ancient battles, climb through crumbling castles and fish in the open ocean. Peloponese Greece is home to a Greek theater called the Epidaurus Theater. This venue is thousands of years old and still completely functional. Catch live theater in this location built with perfect acoustics. Rent a vacation rental home, villa rental, condo rental or apartment rental accommodation close by. Be filled with awe and a renewed sense of adventure as you embark upon a Greek holiday. Take a tour of Ancient Olympia or taxi the Katakolon. Private sailing excursions are available as well as cruises along the peninsula. Vacation rentals are just a few of the accommodation options offered by Owner Direct Vacation Rentals in Methoni. You can choose from a wide variety of holiday lodgings such as villas, apartment rentals, condo rentals or vacation rentals. Owner Direct Vacation Rentals has been serving customers since 1994 and has built a solid reputation in the tourism industry.

Methoni is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in southern Peloponnese. The beauty of the area has attracted many tourists and amenities such as restaurants, bars, taverns and accommodations have grown over the past few years.

The most impressive ruin to visit in Methoni is the castle of Methoni protected by the sea on three sides. Cross the stone bridge with 14 arches to access the castle. Vacation rental accommodations, apartment rentals, villa rentals or condo rentals are available within walking distance.
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