Honour that view with clean windows

Clean WindowsWhether your property looks over the snowcapped Rocky Mountains from Canmore, the skyline of New York City or the azure ocean in Mexico, you want to make sure that this view is framed by sparkling clean windows! As a guest, it really puts a damper on the much-anticipated relaxation when one has to look through dust and dirt from months or even years of rain and wind.

For that reason, we collected a few recommendations on how to make sure your guests get to enjoy the best view you have to offer. Clean windows do not have to mean hours of strenuous work with toxic chemicals! The consensus is that it doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming when you follow a few rules (and have a few tools handy). Natural solutions such as vinegar are much more environmentally friendly and easier on the budget than harsh chemicals. And there is lots to learn from the professionals who do this every day. Time to invest in a squeegee!

How to get sparkling windows for vacation rentals

No more newspaper, rubbing and elbow grease

Martha Stewart’s Window Washing How-To

Tutorial on how to clean windows with vinegar – our favourite!


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