Three that make a difference

As a frequent renter of vacation homes, due to my work in the industry, I have seen various levels of “fully equipped” homes. Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly fine with a clean, pleasant place that has what was advertised and shown in the pictures.

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However, frequently I find myself inquiring before I leave as to the “nice-to-have” items that not every rental features. For me, a few small additions make the difference between “as advertised” and “could not have wished for more”. I understand that this is purely a personal observation and preference but here are my top three non-essentials that do make a difference:

Coffee grinder. I know not everybody drinks coffee or is picky about their coffee. But I do know that being able to grind beans makes a big difference for a lot of folks. Why not spend the $20 and have one available for your guests? This is the one item I always ask about, unless it is listed in the property description.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.48.49 PMLaundry detergent. Most homes have washers and dryers but some do not provide detergent. If laundry soap was something that we frequently travel with and that is easy to pack, I would not pay so much attention to this one. But since it isn’t (one gallon soap container in your luggage, anyone?), and missing detergent can ruin your day when you have to fix a food mishap on your children’s clothing, I always appreciate having at least a load’s worth available at the vacation home without having to visit the nearest store. And by all means, if you use a lot, please replace it.

Basic bathroom supplies. Most of us bring their favourite shampoo or lotion on vacation. However, just in case you forgot or (especially when flying to your destination) are planning on purchasing it locally the next day, it is nice to have some supplies for that first shower or after the first hot tub visit.

What have you appreciated when arriving at a vacation rental? What tips can you give other owners?

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