White or what? Thoughts on white sheets …

If you are the owner of a vacation rental, or have been a guest in a vacation rental, you probably have an opinion on this. It seems trivial but when I read this article, I realized I was nodding and exploring my own thoughts on this topic.

The Perfect White Vacation Rental Sheets

As I am writing this, I am spending time in Canmore, AB, in a very nice vacation rental with breathtaking views of the Rockies. And about a week before I even read this article, when I arrived here I felt myself admiring and enjoying the clean, soft white sheets on the bed in this rental.

I do agree that there is some psychology involved, and that we associate white with clean. And that this “no-color” is easy to maintain and combine with other design elements in a house. But mostly, I am just enjoying something special that I do not have at home (don’t we all have coloured sheets in our own home?).

So as an owner, consider this for your unit. As a guest, enjoy when you find it!

Inviting white sheets

Inviting white sheets!

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