Andrea Lamond is the marketing director for Owner Direct Vacation Rentals and an avid traveler. When not blogging, working on media projects or SEO, you’ll find her out skiing the slopes, enjoying the beach, or immersing herself in different cultures around the world.



Finding and managing reliable services for cleaning and maintenance Many vacation home owners choose to manage their own properties to avoid costly property management fees.. A common question arises when making this decision: How can I find quality maintenance and reliable services to help maintain my property? Start by asking your neighbours and ... Read More



Weather happens …

by Andrea / April 6, 2015 / Owners
No matter how well you plan your vacation, weather happens and can sometimes interfere with your guests' arrangements. Look out for unexpected severe weather Severe unexpected weather can challenge the relationship between an owner and guest. Neither anticipates it but it can affect travel arrangements and even access to a home or ... Read More


Destination wedding and/or honeymoon planning guide One out of every ten weddings is a destination wedding. Exotic places provide picture-perfect settings, spectacular backdrops and memorable vacations for any couple starting a new life together. Here are some great ideas on locations as well as reasons to consider a destination wedding and/or honeymoon. Reasons ... Read More


How to save money when exchanging money By choosing the wrong venue for your exchange transactions, you can lose several percentage points on every transaction! With a fluctuating world economy and the U.S. dollar selling at varying rates against other currencies, it becomes more and more important to avoid or ... Read More
Florida beaches



Florida beaches

by Andrea / January 5, 2015 / Destinations
Compare ski resorts near Montreal


Travel more



Travel more!

by Andrea / September 2, 2014 / Travel Tips
I was reminded of this video the other day. I know it's been around for a few years now but it still motivates me to want to get out and travel the world! I have learned that Rick Mereki and two friends traveled for 44 days to ... Read More
A Remedy for Hotel Room Cramps


Does the thought of staying in a cramped hotel room with your entire family (husband and 4 kids) make you think twice about traveling? A friend of mine is looking to go to Vancouver for a few days to visit her working husband. He is currently living with three guys ... Read More
Travel better



Ways to travel better

by Andrea / February 17, 2014 / Travel Tips
You can never travel enough, for there is always something new to discover, higher mountains to climb, deeper caves to explore. Finding ways to travel better is a challenge for every trip. Every place we uncover leaves us a little wiser; every pavement we've paced is a lesson learned. Here ... Read More
Exotic car rentals for every occasion


Here's a guest post regarding luxury car rentals. What a great way to make your vacation even more special by renting an exotic car at your destination! Exotic Car Rentals for Every Occasion The world of luxury cars is tantalizing, even if you aren't a car person. There are vintage muscle cars ... Read More
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