Biggi Weischedel works in Marketing … for Owner Direct Vacation Rentals, iTravex as well as teaching marketing and online marketing to university students. Never one to sit down for very long, she enjoys traveling the world, skiing, hiking, trail running, open water swimming, triathlon training and coffees. Her travel pictures can be found on



Links to live cams and current driving conditions Before you leave for your vacation (either driving to your destination or driving to the airport), it is always wise to check driving conditions, especially in the winter time. We have collected a few resources for you! Canada... Read More



Welcome binder

by Biggi / February 23, 2015 / Owners
A valued addition: The welcome binder! When your guests arrive at your unit, they will most likely have done some research on the area or town, or maybe they are even repeat visitors. However, from my own experience I know that there are always questions to be answered ... and I ... Read More



Short notice bookings

by Biggi / February 9, 2015 / Owners
Short notice bookings - are you prepared? Short notice bookings can happen Some owners assume that there won't be any last minute bookings. They might not have their unit "ready to go" for a guest or even forget to check their notices. Fact is that matches and bookings can happen at any time. Guests ... Read More


How is Owner Direct different? Owners sometimes ask what the difference is between Owner Direct Vacation Rentals and a property manager (or central reservations or a resort association). The explanations below list the benefits of Owner Direct ... Read More
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We find the prospective guests. We generate the traffic. What should you do? Are you sure you offer the best value? Our job is to find the prospective guests and provide the finest service ...  and your job is to offer the best value for your type of property ... Read More



What time is it in … ?

by Biggi / December 29, 2014 / Owners, Travel Tips
It's hard enough to keep track of time at home! Now enter different time zones and even countries into the equation, and the confusion is complete! For property owners dealing with customers worldwide, we created this guide to help figuring out the best times to call ... Save this for ... Read More



Link it to rent it!

by Biggi / December 15, 2014 / Owners
What links to your Owner Direct property page can do for you ... So you have a beautiful vacation home that you would like to rent out (or rent out more often). By signing up with Owner Direct, you made the first step by creating a free listing that gives ... Read More
Items for ski rentals


Ski season is coming! And with that, lots of snow-hungry couples, families and groups of friends, keen to enjoy the pristine white! Have you ever wondered what the top items for ski vacation rentals are? The things that set you apart from other cabins and condos in the same resort? We have done the research ... Read More
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Not a skier? No problem!

by Biggi / November 27, 2014 / Sport Travel
Not a skier? No problem! Sure, many of us love skiing. But there are so many other fun activities for people to do during a winter vacation, even when you are not a skier and regardless ... Read More
Use Facebook to promote your vacation rental


A great resource for marketing your vacation home! There are many great ways to promote your vacation rental. Besides listing it on Owner for the highest and most targeted traffic, you might have a property manager who offers some marketing of your rental, or you might also rely on Word ... Read More

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