Biggi Weischedel works in Marketing … for Owner Direct Vacation Rentals, iTravex as well as teaching marketing and online marketing to university students. Never one to sit down for very long, she enjoys traveling the world, skiing, hiking, trail running, open water swimming, triathlon training and coffees. Her travel pictures can be found on

Use Facebook to promote your vacation rental


A great resource for marketing your vacation home! There are many great ways to promote your vacation rental. Besides listing it on Owner for the highest and most targeted traffic, you might have a property manager who offers some marketing of your rental, or you might also rely on Word ... Read More
Decorating – The right way



Decorating – The right way

by Biggi / October 20, 2014 / Owners
Sure, it can be hard to decorate your own house. But at least you only have to worry about your own and maybe your family's tastes, needs and preferences. Because a vacation rental is expected to appeal to a large number and variety of guests, it is therefore even harder ... Read More



Keyless Entry Solutions

by Biggi / October 6, 2014 / Owners
You might have already changed the locks on your vacation property to keyless entry pads, enjoying all the benefits for yourself and your renters that this convenient solution provides. If not, this is definitely something to consider. This post will discuss pros and cons, and some points to consider.... Read More
Most critical: Reviews from your guests!


I am stating this as a personal opinion but I really do believe that reviews and testimonials are the most important details you can provide about your vacation rental (besides the basic information on where, what, how big and how much). If you are anything like me, after finding a ... Read More
Greece at its finest



Industry Outlook

by Biggi / September 8, 2014 / Owners
We have done the research for you! Interested in reading up on developments in the vacation rental industry? Consider the following sources and reports: Private Vacation Rentals on the Rise (especially luxury accommodation).... Read More
Accept pets – Increas your bookings



More pets, more guests!

by Biggi / September 2, 2014 / Owners
It really works: Yes to Fido means Yes to $$$! The fact that pet owners often encounter obstacles vacationing with their pets while staying in hotels or resorts means that you can gain a huge advantage by accepting pets into ... Read More
The great (vacation rental) outdoors!


Love a sizzling BBQ on the patio? A soak in the sun in comfy lawn chairs in the backyard? So do your guests. Often overlooked, the outdoor area of your vacation rental is a big selling point and can be the deciding factor for a guest when choosing a ... Read More
Water activities


If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to review the travel trends and predictions for 2014, and update your property listings and descriptions to reflect them. Two of the more comprehensive reports are listed here. First off, Trip Advisor’s travel ... Read More
Honour that view with clean windows


Whether your property looks over the snowcapped Rocky Mountains from Canmore, the skyline of New York City or the azure ocean in Mexico, you want to make sure that this view is framed by sparkling clean windows! As ... Read More
Details do make a difference – Pay attention to delight your guests!


Details matter when preparing your vacation home for guests. Sometimes those details are noticed consciously, such as an inviting bed with the corner of the comforter folded open, a welcome basket of treats or a cozy blanket draped over the ... Read More

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