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Why rent a simple hotel room when you can rent through Owner Direct Vacation Rentals and enjoy the comforts of your own vacation rental home, condo rental accommodation or chalet rental lodging. Owner Direct has been providing quality accommodations since 1994 and has developed a trusted reputation. Find premium vacation accommodations, chalet rentals or condo rentals at great prices in McGregor, USA. McGregor is located in Atkin County in the heart of the McGregor Lakes area. Take in the scenic parks, fantastic fishing or hiking, boating and snowmobiling. Wayrynen Memorial is a tourist spot to enjoy. Rent the right type of holiday lodgings you need right on budget directly from owners of vacation rentals, chalet rentals, condo rentals, cabins or cottage accommodations in McGregor, Minnesota, USA.

Find a holiday retreat with accommodations in McGregor and visit Savanna Portage State Park. Hike, bike or horseback ride through the countryside with comfortable condo rentals or vacation rentals to retreat to after the day is done.

Rice Lake National Park is a must see located close to McGregor Minnesota. It is home to one of the largest groups of birds in the country. The wild rice is a natural food resource that attracts waterfowl and the habitat is a beautiful, clean breeding ground for many endangered species.

Condo rentals and vacation rentals are great accommodations ready and waiting for any time of the year. Get more for your money when you rent through Owner Direct and stay in McGregor Minnesota. Have a relaxing holiday retreat in this charming town.

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    McGregor: House
    • 5 BDR
    • 1 Loft
    • 2 BA
    • Sleeps 6
    • #89778
    $167 to $167 USD/night  
    This highly rated and reviewed property is available for rent for a limited time. A full time caretaker is nearby to assist you with your vacation needs. Minutes from shopping, golf, beaches, airport, casinos, raceway, resorts and much more. The home includes multiple rooms, 2 baths and a 2 car attached garage. Enjoy several kitchen and laundry appliances, central air conditioning and home entertainment options. Local resort offers fee based heated indoor swimming, spa, sauna and a marina with snowmobile and boat rental options. This is a non-smoking home. Call about larger groups for a quotation. Additional lodging is nearby.

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