max 10 guests      4 bedrooms      3.5 bathrooms
  • Kitchen Attributes
    • Full Kitchen
    • Refrigerator
    • Coffee Maker
    • Ice Maker
    • Microwave
    • Toaster
    • Cookware
  • Living Attributes
    • Air Conditioning
    • Ceiling Fans
    • Linens
    • Washer & Dryer
    • Ironing Board
    • High Speed Internet
  • Business Attributes
    • Nearby ATM
    • Nearby Post Office
    • Nearby FedEx
    • Nearby Bank
    • Restaurants
  • Convenience Attributes
    • Nearby Medical Services
    • Nearby Grocery
    • Golf Course
  • Culture Attributes
    • Marineland
    • Bing Park
  • Outdoor Attributes
    • Balcony
    • Gas Grill
    • Outdoor Shower
    • Shared Pool
    • Beach
  • Geographic Attributes
    • Near Beach
    • Close to Town
  • Entertainment Attributes
    • Cable TV
    • WIFI



PAYMENT: Deposit is due at the time of reservation. Fifty percent (50%) of the total rent, taxes, and fees shall be paid and received by Agent in the form of a credit card personal check, certified, cashier or bank check or money order within 7 days after the reservation is made, and the balance of rent, taxes, fees and any unpaid security deposit shall be paid and received by Agent no later than thirty (30) days prior to check-in. The security deposit, rent, taxes, and fees may be paid by personal check conditioned upon Agent’s receipt of same more than thirty (30) days before the above-stated check-in date. A valid credit card must be provided no less than seven (7) days prior to check-in whether or not the reservation is paid for by credit card. The credit card will be charged in the event that damages, missing items or excessive use of utilities are not covered by the Guest’s security deposit.
UTILITIES: Utilities are included in the rental amount unless other wise stated, however Agent reserves the right at Agent’s sole discretion to charge Guest for excessive use of utilities if it is determined Guest used any or all of the provided utilities in an abusive or negligent manner. Guest agrees that all excessive use charges will be charged to Guest’s credit card on file and/or withheld from Guest’s security deposit. Guest shall pay cost of all utilities on rentals of more than 30 days unless otherwise stated.
Time is of the essence as to payment pursuant to this Rental Agreement, and any late payments shall, at the sole option of Agent, cause a forfeiture of Guest’s rights pursuant to this Agreement and immediate cancellation of same without further notice to Guest.
CANCELLATIONS: Reservations may be cancelled by Guest with notice to Agent within seven (7) days of the date of the reservation call, and more than thirty (30) days before check-in and any deposit received by Agent shall be refunded to Guest minus a $50.00 administration fee. After seven (7) days from the date of the reservation call, or less than thirty (30) days before check-in, any deposits, rent and fees paid shall become non-refundable if the reservation is cancelled by Guest. In the event of an emergency, Agent reserves the right at Agent’s discretion, to refund on a case by case basis only, part of any deposit, rent or fees paid, minus an administrative fee, upon notice of cancellation by Guest. Any deposit, rent or fees retained by
Agent pursuant to this provision shall be agreed upon liquidated damages, consideration for the execution of this Rental Agreement and in full settlement of all claims.
The parties agree that the following are material covenants and conditions of this Rental
Agreement, the breach of which shall result in immediate forfeiture by the Guest of the subject rental premises in accordance with applicable law:
1. Guest shall not damage the rental premises or any part thereof or any personal property or appurtenance therein or thereto, and if the premises, or any part thereof, or any personal property or appurtenance thereto are damaged, obstructed or rendered inoperable by the misuse or negligence of Guest, Guest’s guests, family, agents or employees, Guest shall pay the cost for repair or replacement of same immediately upon presentation by Agent of a bill for same.
2. Guest shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and county local laws, and community rules, regulations, covenants and ordinances including, but not limited to Flagler County, Florida, and the community in which the Guest is staying.
3. Guest agrees not to commit waste or to use the rental premises or any appliances or appurtenances thereof or thereto for any disorderly or unlawful or offensive purpose.
4. Guest shall permit only the people list in Addendum A, incorporated into this agreement by reference, to use and occupy the subject rental premises.
5. No pets are allowed in or around the rental premises at any time, unless specifically permitted by Owner and applicable pet fees are paid at the time this Rental Agreement is executed.
Vehicles identified in Addendum B, not to exceed two (2) vehicles and may be parked on the premises in approved parking places.
Any vehicles not identified in Addendum B shall be towed or removed from the premises at Guest’s expense.
7. In the event the premises become uninhabitable, due to damage from wind, fire, rain, storm surge, or any other cause, and the Owner, at his sole discretion, shall decide not to repair or rebuild the premises, the term of this lease shall end and rent will be prorated up to the time of the damage.
8. Guest agrees not to charge any long distance telephone calls or other charges to the telephone account(s) located at the rental premises. Local calls are permitted.
9. RADON DISCLOSURE: Pursuant to §404.056(8), Florida Statutes, Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that, when it has accumulated in a building in sufficient quantities, may present health risks to persons who are exposed to it over time.
Levels of radon that exceed Federal and State guidelines have been found in buildings in
Florida. Additional information regarding radon and radon testing may be obtained from your public health unit.
10. Guest agrees to permit Owner or Owner’s agents to enter the rental premises or any part thereof at any reasonable time for the purpose of examining same, to make necessary repairs, and/or to protect any personal property from damage. Reasonable time for said entry, without further notice to Guest, shall be between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 although the parties may agree to additional hours for Owner’s access.
Owner or Owner’s Agent may also enter the rental premises with the consent of Guest, or when necessary in case of an emergency or when the Guest unreasonably withholds consent or access.
11. a. Guest acknowledges and agrees that Owner/Agent may remove or cause to be removed from the rental premises any Guest or guest who, while at the rental premises, illegally possesses or deals in controlled substances, violates any of the terms of this
Rental Agreement, is intoxicated, profane, lewd or brawling, who indulges in any language or conduct which disturbs the peace and comfort of other guests or neighbors, or which constitutes a nuisance, or which injures the reputation, dignity or standing of the
rental premises, or anyone who fails to make payment of rent at the agreed-upon rental rate and fees at the agreed-upon times, or anyone who fails to check-out at the agreed upon time unless an extension of time is expressly agreed to by the Agent and the Guest prior to check out. Admission to and removal from the rental property is not and shall not be based upon race, creed, color, sex, physical disability or national origin. Any notice to vacate may be given orally or in writing by Owner/Agent to Guest, and if in writing shall be as follows: “You are hereby notified that this establishment no longer desires to entertain you as its guest, and you are requested to leave at once. To remain after receipt of this notice is a misdemeanor under the laws of this State.”
b. If any Guest who is asked to vacate early has paid in advance, Agent shall, at the time notice is given, tender to the Guest the unused portion of the advance rent and fees payment without prorating any portion of the day that Guest is noticed to vacate. Agent may retain any security deposit without further notice as agreed upon liquidated damages, consideration for the execution of this Rental Agreement and in full settlement of all claims, or Owner, at Owner’s option, may proceed at law with any damages claim.
Any Guest who remains or attempts to remain in the rental premises after being requested to vacate shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree punishable in accordance with Florida law. If any person is illegally at the subject rental premises, Owner may call upon any law enforcement officer of this State for assistance. If the Guest is arrested,
Owner shall employ all reasonable and proper means to care for any personal property which may be left at the rental premises by the guest; however, upon arrest, the
Guest/guest shall be deemed to have given up any right of occupancy and to have abandoned such rights.
12. Guest agrees that Owner and Owner’s agents shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any personal property in or on the rental premises or stored in rooms or places provided to Guest in connection therewith, nor shall Owner or Owner’s agents or employees be liable to Guest, Guest’s family, guests, or agents for failure to repair or maintain any part of the rental premises or property contained therein absent gross negligence. Guest further agrees that neither Owner, nor Owner’s agents or employees shall be liable for any damage to the personal property of the Guest, Guest’s family, guests, or agents arising from theft, vandalism, fire, water, rain, acts of God or government, interruption of utilities, acts of others or other third party or external causes whatsoever.
13. No lifeguard is available on the premises. Guest shall use amenities, pools, beach, ocean with great care and in accordance with any posted rules. All children and elderly, frail adults using said amenities shall be constantly supervised by a responsible adult who can swim. If the amenities are equipped with any safety features such as a fence or other pool or water area barrier, a pool cover, a door latch or a door or window alarm, Guest shall be responsible for correctly operating and using said safety device every time the amenity is used. Any use of said amenities shall be at the sole risk of the user, the responsible adult supervising the user, and the Guest.
14. Guest is responsible for and shall indemnify the Owner and Owner’s agents and hold them harmless from any and all claims, liability, demands, actions, causes of action, expenses, damages, losses or injuries sustained by any person including Guest, Guest’s family, agents, guests or invitees as a result of or arising from the Guest’s subject occupancy and tenancy, including, but in no way limited to claims arising from the use of any pool, hot tub, spa-pool, water area or dock, which are part of the rental premises.
Guest shall also be liable and indemnify Owner for attorney’s fees and court costs incurred by Owner in enforcing any of the terms, covenants or conditions of this Rental
Agreement or which are sustained by Owner as a result of or arising from or during this reservation.
15. Guest may not assign this Agreement or sub-let the rental premises or any portion thereof.
16. Guest agrees that if applicable local and/or state tax rates increase after the time of reservation and before check-in that Guest will pay the additional tax due.
17. Absolutely NO SMOKING is permitted in the residence or on any balconies, patios, etc. attached to said residence unless otherwise noted in writing. Any detection of smoking in the residence will result in automatic forfeiture of the entire security deposit, plus punitive fees.

Payment Methods
Most major credit cards - Cash

Payment Balance
Balance and schedule of payments can be discussed the property manager or will be detailed under policies tab.

Booking Cancellation Conditions
Cancellation policies can be discussed with the property manager or will be detailed under policies tab.

Security or Damage Deposit
A refundable security/damage deposit will be required by the property manager.


Nightly rates shown do not include taxes, conditional rate adjustments or any applicable fees - request property or use rate calculator to obtain an accurate quote.



Rate Period Nightly
Jun 27 to Jul 11 Min Stay 3 nights 852 USD
Jul 12 to Aug 21 Min Stay 3 nights 852 USD
Aug 22 to Sep 3 Min Stay 3 nights 702 USD
Sep 4 to Sep 8 Min Stay 3 nights (Arrival only on: Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun) 852 USD
Sep 9 to Nov 19 Min Stay 3 nights 702 USD
Nov 20 to Nov 29 Min Stay 3 nights 852 USD
Nov 30 to Dec 18 Min Stay 3 nights 702 USD
Dec 19, 2020 to Jan 1, 2021 Min Stay 3 nights 852 USD


Rate Period Nightly
Jan 2 to Feb 11 Min Stay 3 nights 702 USD
Feb 12 to Feb 19 Min Stay 3 nights 852 USD
Feb 20 to Feb 26 Min Stay 3 nights 702 USD
Feb 27 to Apr 2 Min Stay 3 nights 852 USD
Apr 3 to Apr 10 Min Stay 3 nights 852 USD
Apr 11 to Apr 17 Min Stay 3 nights 702 USD
Apr 18 to May 27 Min Stay 3 nights 702 USD
May 28 to Jul 2 Min Stay 3 nights 852 USD
Jul 3 to Jul 10 Min Stay 3 nights 852 USD



Rate Period Weekly
Jun 27 to Jul 11 Min Stay 7 nights 4,305 USD
Jul 12 to Aug 21 Min Stay 7 nights 4,305 USD
Aug 22 to Sep 3 Min Stay 7 nights 3,705 USD
Sep 9 to Nov 19 Min Stay 7 nights 2,805 USD
Nov 20 to Nov 29 Min Stay 7 nights 4,305 USD
Nov 30 to Dec 18 Min Stay 7 nights 2,805 USD
Dec 19, 2020 to Jan 1, 2021 Min Stay 7 nights 4,305 USD


Rate Period Weekly
Jan 2 to Feb 11 Min Stay 7 nights 2,805 USD
Feb 12 to Feb 19 Min Stay 7 nights 4,305 USD
Feb 20 to Feb 26 Min Stay 7 nights 2,805 USD
Feb 27 to Apr 2 Min Stay 7 nights 4,305 USD
Apr 3 to Apr 10 Min Stay 7 nights 4,305 USD
Apr 11 to Apr 17 Min Stay 7 nights 3,705 USD
Apr 18 to May 27 Min Stay 7 nights 2,805 USD
May 28 to Jul 2 Min Stay 7 nights 4,305 USD
Jul 3 to Jul 10 Min Stay 7 nights 4,305 USD

Long Term Stays


Rate Period # Nights Long Term Stays
Jul 12 to Aug 21 Min Stay 30 nights 30 17,805 USD
Sep 9 to Nov 19 Min Stay 30 nights 30 11,505 USD


Rate Period # Nights Long Term Stays
Jan 2 to Feb 11 Min Stay 30 nights 30 11,505 USD
Feb 27 to Apr 2 Min Stay 30 nights 30 17,805 USD
Apr 18 to May 27 Min Stay 30 nights 30 11,505 USD
May 28 to Jul 2 Min Stay 30 nights 30 17,805 USD

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The following review(s) were provided by the property manager.

Ocean Reef This is our 3rd time staying at Ocean Reef and we love the layout of the home, the pool and it is right across from the beach! Everything was perfect!
- Linda H.
Reviewed On: 6/29/2020
Family Reunion We had a wonderful time with our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren. The second floor was a meeting place to eat, talk, watch the ocean from the balcony, and watch tv. Our family could do all five things at once as one's mood dictated. The home was spotless and well maintained. It was as advertised in pictures and the narratives in the advertisements. The screened in pool with a tv undercover was a welcoming place after having been at the beach. Access to the beach was a few steps from the home. John was a delight to work with. Scott, Donna, Crystal, and Nicol with Cinnamon Beach Vacations were attentive and a pleasure to work with. Our entire family would highly recommend Ocean Reef to future renters.
- Richard K.
Reviewed On: 6/25/2020
Family Beach Get Away! It was great. The house was big enough to accommodate our whole family. The location was great and the amenities in the community were awesome!
- Amanda D.
Reviewed On: 10/3/2019
Cinnamon beach vacation We have been coming to cinnamon beach for 15 years and we love the ocean reef home, across from the beach, the pool is amazing, the kitchen and bedrooms are perfect and clean. Only suggestion would be is to have hangers in the closets and cinnamon beach vacation rental company is wonderful and very professional and so easy to book your vacation..
- Linda H.
Reviewed On: 12/29/2019
Beautiful home to vacation with family or friends This is our second time at this property and it is great. The kitchen is equipped with more than what one may need. The bedrooms are great too. The top floor is amazing if you want to have the ocean view with an amazing breeze that is just perfect. <br/>The back yard is perfect to have a great bbq afternoon meal at the pool or at the seating area with the tv. <br/>The pool is great and the spa as well. The second time we were there, it did not work. Called maintenance and they came to the house within 15 minutes but unfortunately they were not able to fix it before we got to leave the property but the owner and property management were very kind and gave us a compensation for the inconvenience. <br/>Overall a great house and a great response from the property management company. <br/>I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.
Reviewed On: 11/20/2019
Great Stay Wonderful week at Ocean Reef Pool and Cabana Home. We have stayed at Cinnamon Beach several times. This was the first time we rented a home. We could not have been happier. The house is incredibly clean, perfect for family and entertaining. We did not have any issues during our stay. I would highly recommend.
- Brett D.
Reviewed On: 6/15/2020
Great spot for a family vacation The Ocean Reef house at Cinnamon Beach is a well-appointed, beautiful home that was great for our family vacation. Being just steps from the beach and the community pool made it very convenient to serve the wants and needs of all members of the family. We had a some maintenance issues throughout the week, but the property managers were responsive and did their best to handle the situations as quickly as possible. The three levels allowed were great in creating spaces that met family needs - i.e. naps for the kids, places to get away for a bit, areas to play games, lots of space in the kitchen and a small pool for the kids to enjoy.
Reviewed On: 7/17/2018
Ocean Reef Fun We've been coming to Cinnamon Beach for 10 years, staying in the condos but this was our first year in the Ocean Reef house and it was amazing, we enjoyed ourselves emencly. It's perfect for a family or a group of couples. The house is beautifully decorated, nicely layed out and has a ton of amenities. We really enjoyed sitting by the outdoor gas fireplace and using the spa on some of the cooler evenings. We loved being able to grill our dinners on the large gas grill. The Cinnamon Beach Vacations staff are the best in the business, especially Scott who arranged our booking and John who went above and beyond every time we had a maintenance issue. I highly recommend Ocean Reef
- Debra J.
Reviewed On: 3/4/2019
Fancy and well appointed Beautiful and well decorated house. Lots of room! I felt spoiled!!! Steps to beach and other community pools. Loved this property. &#x2764;&#xFE0F;&#x2764;&#xFE0F;
- Elizabeth H.
Reviewed On: 9/13/2018
Ocean Reef September 2018 This is the second time we have rented this house, it is absolutely beautiful and we would go back for sure! Everything in the house is top notch quality and extremely well decorated! The only critiques we would have is that we would have liked to have TV's in all the bedrooms because only the master had one and the pool TV was way too small. Last year the pool TV was bigger. Also The floors could have been cleaner...going barefoot and our feet was black.
- Rita G.
Reviewed On: 10/2/2018
Amazing stay at Ocean Reef! Words can&#x2019;t describe how amazing the house was .. the location , the pool , all the amenities blew away our expectations. Scott and Colleen made the entire process easy and helped us ove quickly into a much needed &#x201C;vacation mode&#x201D;!<br/>We will gladly refer this rental to friends.
- Jeffrey B.
Reviewed On: 4/8/2019
Nice Location! This is a beautiful area. The house is located right across from the beach with easy access. I was quite disappointed with several of the appliances and amenities we were unable to use. The pool was not heated, so we could not use it as it was quite chilly in the evenings. The outdoor fireplace never worked. There are no DVD players in the house at all. It poured rain one night and we would have loved to have watched a movie together. The refrigerator would never dispense ice or water. some of the bedrooms did not have TV's. the internet was out the last two days we were there as well. Overall the house just needs some TLC. The area itself is absolutely beautiful!
- Joe W.
Reviewed On: 10/29/2018
Perfect Family House / Great Location Lots and Lots of fun. The pool at the house was great with the TV. After the beach or pool, the kids would watch a Disney movie and have a snack. We picked up Captain's BBQ and spent the evening at the house enjoying the pool. Spent 1 day at Disney. Had dinner at Columbia's in St, Augustine. Great location for Cinnamon Beach pool and great location to enjoy surrounding activities outside of Cinnamon Beach. We will return. Cinnamon Beach Vacations does an excellent job in customer service.
- Glenn P.
Reviewed On: 6/3/2019
Palm Coast Great location, great house
Reviewed On: 9/24/2019
Another Week in paradise Weather was warm, little bit of rain. Perfect. Water was also perfect. Lovely.
Reviewed On: 7/3/2015
Palm Coast Getaway Nice house and location, very relaxing and no hassles. Wish Palm Coast had more restaurants and things to do.
- Sharon H.
Reviewed On: 7/7/2015
Family Beach Vacation House was great. Management quickly fixed any issues.
- Frank P.
Reviewed On: 8/15/2016
Gentile Vacation For the most part it was very good. However, there were a few issues with the pool, whirlpool, and especially the outdoor TV (called multiple times). There were cockroaches by the pool and a few in the house that we had to deal with.
- Dan G.
Reviewed On: 7/24/2017
Great vacation stay The home we rented was perfect for our family. The property was very clean and had all the amenities anyone could ask for. The staff on the property(special cudos to George at the main gate) were very kind and helpful. The public pools were impeccably clean and well managed. I would recommend this property to any of my colleagues. I also want to give Scott, our leasing agent praise for his patients and kindness. Overall experience rated at a &#x201C;10&#x201D;!!!! Thank you all.
- Raymond B.
Reviewed On: 11/29/2017
Beautiful Property! The house and location are everything you need for a getaway weekend! Clean, well taken care of house. The beach is walking distance away. The property manager was great to work with too! My only complaint is the guard staff was not efficient, checking in was lengthy and frustrating. If you have visitors staying at other outside properties, it's very difficult to get them in to visit.
Reviewed On: 9/6/2017
Wonderful stay for our family getaway! We had an awesome time staying at this beautiful home in Cinnamon Beach. The pool area with the big-screen TV became the hangout for all of us --- from 6 months old to 83! Plenty of space for everyone.
- Ellen H.
Reviewed On: 10/11/2017
A Piece Of Paradise Off to a rough start but property management was WONDERFUL! Things were back to "normal" in record time. I only wish pool was cleaned before we arrived.
Reviewed On: 11/3/2017
Big chill vacation 4 retired couples had a lovely, fun time in the house and Cinnamon Beach. House was very nicely appointed and easily accommodated the group. Front porch sitting as well as use of outside rec area added to the weekends relaxation. The only concern to pass on is that the refrigerator ice maker could not keep up with the demand for ice. Some adjustments should resolve the problem.
- Mary L.
Reviewed On: 1/30/2018
Wonderful Property and Community This is overall a 5 star property with only a couple very small issues that had no impact on our enjoyment of the house. We had to clean up a puddle from a broken wine fridge our first day there and disconnected it for safety. Master shower had a rusted, loose fixture but we could use it carefully. Vacuum was broken which we needed while staying for a month with our dog. Bought them a new one. Two differing sets of instructions for the cable tv but figured it out quickly. Pool is not heated but spa is. There are 2 sets of instructions for the spa also and took us a while to figure out. <br/><br/>Beautiful ocean view from main floor. Great private pool area with working gas fireplace! Very unusual and special to have a working fireplace in a rental property. Wonderful, especially during a colder than usual January.<br/><br/>Great dog friendly, well maintained community but lots of repairs going on during the day and construction of new houses all over the community. <br/><br/>Very responsive, pleasant staff and the gentleman from maintenance came right over when we called. Property manager was so helpful with rental experience. Slightly over the top gate security for our guests but he made it easier with getting us passes for them quickly. Highly recommend overall and hope to go back soon!
- Rhonda W.
Reviewed On: 1/27/2018
Sping Break at Ocean Reef Overall great, House was nice, great location, no mechanical issues<br/>Basic toiletries a little lacking - needed to buy paper towels, tissues, shampoo - but nothing significant<br/>Location nearly perfect - literally 1/2 block to b each access across vacant lot
Reviewed On: 3/20/2018
luxury house next to beach that is pet friendly we always stay at cinnamon beach when we are in palm coast because they have pet friendly accommodations. this home was 3 stories on main road next to beach. it had beautiful kitchen, dining and lounge area on 2nd floor with balcony in front next to road looking at ocean. there was elevator and covered pool area with out door fireplace and sitting area and gas grill. master suite was huge and nice with great walk in closet. tile floors through out house. well furnished, particularly the kitchen. would highly recommend this house. rental maintenance team very responsive to issues. we had dead battery in car and they even helped us to get started.
- Brian D.
Reviewed On: 2/17/2018
Great house We celebrated a 60th birthday and enjoyed the Daytona 500. Everyone loved the house and we will remember some great memories there.<br/><br/>One thing, there was dog hair (short hair) all over the couch that we vacuumed the first day.
Reviewed On: 2/26/2018
Amazing Family Holiday The Ocean Reef property was an excellent way to spend our family holiday and escape the horrors of our frozen Canadian spring.<br/><br/>The property was extremely well maintained and filled with all of the amenities of home and more. Every room was spacious and well decorated and clean. There was an incredible amount of space which was great for our family of 8.<br/><br/>There must have been a TV in every room. WiFi was top notch throughout the house. There were plenty of cutlery and pots/pans/plates to be able to cook your own breakfasts and dinners. The pool / hot tub was meticulous and extremely relaxing. Huge BBQ was great for enjoying burgers / sausages by the pool. The many balconies gave great views of the ocean and sunrise. The house was literally across the street from the beach and steps from the community centre. There was a Publix grocery store about a 5 min drive from the house.<br/><br/>My only misgivings were that the beach was not very swimmable, as there was a reef right where the waves broke - but there were nicer areas to swim if you walked / drove a few minutes further up or down the beach.<br/><br/>Secondly, the community centre was undergoing some renovations the week we stayed which meant that the family area / kiddie pool was closed.<br/><br/>Overall the stay was fantastic and is highly recommended for a large group looking to share a great experience together.
- Allessandro G.
Reviewed On: 4/16/2018
Wonderful Beach Home We had a fantastic time at this vacation rental. There was enough space for 2 cars in the garage located in the back of the house (not shown in pictures). Everything was perfect. Plenty of kitchen silverware, pans, glassware, and everything you may need to use the outdoor grill. <br/>The property is well maintained, clean and ready for us to use. A little issue came up and when we notified the property maintenance staff, they were there in a matter of minutes and took care of it on the spot.<br/>The master bedroom bathroom is wonderful. but if you want the breeze the 3rd floor bedroom beats them all. Their balcony faces the beach and the breeze is just amazing.<br/>I am more than happy with my experience at this property.
Reviewed On: 5/23/2018
Beautiful Place!!! We are a family of 6 varying in ages between 86 and 26. We came to celebrate Dad&#x2019;s birthday and had a wonderful time. Cinnamon Beach is beautiful. We enjoyed walking in the sand with our 2 year old golden doodle.
- Brenda C.
Reviewed On: 6/15/2018
Daytona Week Weather made it impossible to use many development amenities but the house was excellent, well stocked, and in a great neighborhood.
Reviewed On: 2/25/2015
Beautiful house in a great location! Will rent again LOVED this house. Its a true gem.
- Sharon A.
Reviewed On: 6/8/2015
House was great. Management quickly fixed any issues.
Reviewed On: 8/15/2016
Nice house and location, very relaxing and no hassles. Wish Palm Coast had more restaurants and things to do.
Reviewed On: 7/7/2015
Weather made it impossible to use many development amenities but the house was excellent, well stocked, and in a great neighborhood.
Reviewed On: 2/25/2015
Weather was warm, little bit of rain. Perfect. Water was also perfect. Lovely.
Reviewed On: 7/3/2015
LOVED this house. Its a true gem.
Reviewed On: 6/8/2015

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Ocean Reef pool and cabana home in Cinnamon Beach- A must stay !!

ID 216051 - 7 beds (1 king, 2 queen, 2 single and 2 other). Base rent is for 10 occupants.
Palm Coast Accommodations
You will not want to leave this beautiful home ideally located steps from the sand in Cinnamon Beach!. Wow- it simply doesn't get any better than this.

Ocean Reef features an incredible outdoor living space including private pool and hot tub, courtyard cabana, dining/lounge area, fireplace complete with 50" HDTV, and private outdoor shower for washing away the salt and sand after a long relaxing day at the beach!!

Ocean Reef offers three floors of luxurious living, sweeping ocean views, and is located steps from the sand in the beautiful gated community of Cinnamon Beach at Ocean Hammock.

The ground floor of this home features two comfortable guest bedrooms with a jack-n-jill bathroom, a spacious guest living area, and a sitting room with sleeper sofa off the patio that can be utilized as a third guest bedroom, if you desire. There's a conveniently located powder room off your two-car garage, and of course the elevator is available to transport your luggage and groceries to the upper floors.

Ocean Reef boasts the nicest pool and patio setup in all of Cinnamon Beach. The brand-new pool and hot tub are completely screened-in, and there is lots of covered space as well for those who want to sit by the fireplace on a cool evening or stay out of the sun on those summer days. Rain or shine, your family will absolutely love it here. Fire up the grill or relax with a cold drink. Rinse off in the outdoor shower when you get out of the pool or after a long day at the beach!!

On the second floor of this stunning new home, you'll find a spectacular island kitchen that flows perfectly to a terrific beach-style dining area, magnificent living room with wood inset ceilings, wet bar, and giant outdoor balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean !! The entire floor is outfitted with gorgeous sand-colored tile that looks just like wood !! You'll absolutely love the wide-open layout on this floor, which is ideal for family gatherings, either inside or outside !! Revel in the serenity of beachfront living, with views of the Atlantic from every corner of the kitchen, dining room, living room, entertainment area, and balcony. Open up one or more of the three French doors along the front of the house, and you'll hear the sounds of waves crashing in just outside !! The luxurious master suite is privately tucked away on the rear side of the second floor, featuring wood ceilings, a huge walk-in closet and a giant glassed-in shower in the bathroom. This is comfortable luxury at its best !!

Finally, up on the third floor, you'll find the ultimate ocean view suite!! The top level is a cozy retreat with queen, wet bar, full bathroom, and an absolutely sensational balcony with magnificent views of the ocean and down the coast !!

Cinnamon Beach at Ocean Hammock amenities include a sensational oceanfront pool, lakeside pool with clubhouse and lounge, kids' game room, water park, hot tub, bar/grille, fitness center and more !! Even better, all these amenities are within a 5 minute walk from Ocean Reef!! Wake up and morning and walk to the beach in seconds !!

Small dogs considered, please inquire with agent. ;

Why Owner Direct?

With Owner Direct you're never alone - customer support every day

With Owner Direct you're never alone - customer support every day

We save your time and spare you the headaches!

We work for you to save your time and spare you the headaches!

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Total rent and fees up front, nothing is hidden

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Why Owner Direct?

With Owner Direct you're never alone - customer support every day
We work for you to save your time and spare you the headaches!
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