At Owner Direct Vacation Rentals You Only Pay for Our Services When We Secure a Booking for You!

Free Registration

When you register your vacation property with us there is no registration fee and no up-front fees! If you do not receive any bookings, there is no cost to you. Registration includes unlimited photos of your vacation rental property and so much more.

10% Matching Fee

Guest books your property.
Owner Direct collects 10%
of the rent from the Guest.
Guest pays you the remaining 90%
of rent directly.

Owner Direct only collects money on confirmed bookings. We collect 10% of the total rental (Canadian Residents only: plus a tax on that 10% portion), and we collect it directly from the guests.

The remaining 90% is paid directly to you by the guest. All amounts, including taxes, are documented for you in a "Notice of Match".

For example, a guest rents your vacation property through Owner Direct. In this example they have booked for five nights at $150 per night or $750.

Guest Total
Owner Direct
collects 10% or $75 from the guest.
Owner Collects 90%
from the guest

Annual Fee

Once you receive two (or more) bookings within the Owner Direct fiscal year (June 1st - May 31), Owner Direct will collect a $100 (plus 5% tax) annual fee off the second booking. This is collected directly from the Guest. There is NO annual fee if you do not receive a minimum of two bookings within our fiscal year. The Annual Fee is applied only if the arrival date of the second booking occurs within the same fiscal year as your first booking.

The annual fee is charged per owner, not per property. This means you can have as many properties as you like listed on the Owner Direct site. This fee covers all costs related to setting up and maintaining your property page, data, photos, ongoing liaison, web development and management tools.

For the $100 yearly fee we market your vacation property webpage on our site. Should you have another website already in place, we may be able to link your Owner Direct Availability Calendar to that website at no extra cost.

Prefer to Pay Directly? If it helps to simplify your accounting procedures, you may pay the Annual Fee directly with a credit card by contacting us.


Here’s what our other owners have to say about listing their property through Owner Direct Vacation Rentals.

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Experience the difference, no waiting
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