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Loved it! The Sounds! Best experience ever! Incredible. The sounds, the staff, the experience. You can't beat staying in an actual treehouse in the amazon rainforest! Expensive, but when you break down the cost of all the excursions (we did like 6 in 3 days), the transport and food included, its pretty reasonable. Our guide, Osmar, was excellent. It is truly an experience that you can't replicate. If you're coming to the Amazon, this is the way to do it.
- Dwight F.
Reviewed On: 7/18/2022
Una experiencia increible Ha sido una experiencia brutal. Poder pasar una noche en un treehouse ha sido de lo mejor que hemos hecho en nuestra vida. Formó parte de nuestra luna de miel y se portaron de maravilla. Un sitio excepcional donde conocer la selva amazónica.
- Pablo Jose G.
Reviewed On: 7/6/2022
Magical stay that delivers! Accomodations were beautiful and while it have the necessities; they made sure every day to do the beds and take care of pests.<br/>The food was incredible and the service (Martin) was phenomenal!<br/>Our guide Marden and Jaiver were super easy going and willing to do/go whereever we wanted! Icouldn't have asked for better guides and they ended up becoming good friends!<br/>Activities: Can be as challenging or as easy going as you'd like! <br/><br/>One notworthy mention: For those who are having their first day, i'd advise the guide to escourt the guest to their treehouse. A lot of bugs come out at night and to a newby... it's very scary going through all the crazyness. Treantulas, massive beetles, crazy flies near the lights... literally the scariest thing was walking back to our room every night. City-folk like us need a bit of guidance... especially the ones who have huts in the wayyy back! :P <br/>
- Brian P.
Reviewed On: 4/1/2022
Absolutely Amazing!!! The entire experience exceeded my expectations in every way! Every single member of the staff were beyond exceptional in their service to us! They are extremely attentive to the needs of each guest, and they make you feel like family. They are alert and ready to fulfill any request that you may have. The food was fantastically delicious! I can't say enough good things about the Treehouse Lodge experience. You have to experience it's unbelievable beauty, and unforgettable adventures for yourself!
Reviewed On: 1/28/2022
Once in a lifetime experience - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING We were picked up by our personal guide in Iquitos and driven to Nauta to take the Boat to the lodge. ever instance from being picked up until our departure was first class. The food was amazing, the room (treehouse) was absolutely stunning, clean and obviously incredibly unique. The private tours were perfect and made it seem as though everything we did was tailored to us. They were flexible with our timelines, needs, wants etc. I cant recommend this experience enough! Thank you treehouse!
- Jeffrey a.
Reviewed On: 5/17/2022
Excellent! We have an excellent stay! It was amazing!
- Pamela M.
Reviewed On: 6/14/2022
Amazing experience Everything about our stay was magical. We enjoyed all of our excursions and just walking around the property. Our guide was fantastic and we wish we could have stayed longer.
- Janet D.
Reviewed On: 11/1/2021
It was awesome! Everything was just as expected. The treehouse was clean, staff was friendly and helpful, excursions were excellent and our preferences were honred. Everything went smoothly. I'll return again...maybe in the rainy season to see the difference. Loved it.
- Jean R.
Reviewed On: 10/7/2021
Incredible Memories at Treehouse Lodge From landing at the airport to being dropped at our hotel in Iquitos, this was a five star experience. Our guide, Johnny, was incredibly knowledgeable on our plethora of questions about the region and wildlife. He was a huge help with translation, and his lighthearted nature allowed us to have fun on every adventure. Martin, the host in the restaurant brought a smile to our faces every time we saw him. He was incredible accomodating, even going so far as to make us a special drink from local plants and telling us about his knowledge of the region from growing up and living there. Our treehouse was treehouse #7. It was very clean, the bed was netted, and a fan to keep you cool. The views and sounds were everything you would hope for when travelling in the Amazon. We truly felt one with nature. The expeditions were thrilling. We are pretty adventurous and wanted to go on every experience possible. Johnny and Dennis were generous in helping us do so. They helped us learn about flora and fauna. Their knowledge of the region was extensive and they helped us learn about all the wildlife, customs, and culture of the area. We had one night where there were lovely thunderstorms. <br/><br/>An overall memory making adventure we would highly recommend to anyone with an adventurous spirit. It was everything we were looking for and so much more!
Reviewed On: 10/28/2021
Absolutely amazing! This place feels magical - I loved it! From my room (and the bridges leading to it), I saw three species of monkeys, many parrots (several species of macaws, Amazons, and parakeets), toucans, and many other birds and butterflies. Also lots of neat insects and spiders. And there was more wildlife on the various guided tours (three more monkey species, an anteater, pink and grey dolphins, etc.). The room itself was very comfortable, with a tight-fitting mosquito net to keep out night visitors - and it even had indoor plumbing way up there in the treetops (wow!). Just make sure to bring enough cash to tip your guide and the various staff, and maybe also bring a (well-sealed) bag of nuts or something as a back-up snack (the portion sizes at meal times were a bit small at times, especially for us vegetarians and vegans). But as a whole, this place is great - highly recommended!
Reviewed On: 8/11/2021
Great excursions and very nice experience but BRING SNACKS! The food was scarce. For breakfast we had to ask for more juice and there was a sense that the extra juice was a favor. Also, for food the portions were very small and we would have hoped to have more topical things. There was an intent to give small portions with the excuse of it being gourmet but the ingredients (like very processed and cheap ham or orange juice with 80% water) were of low quality and the utensils/plates were all very different and not that clean. If great gourmet meals and very clean utensils can be achieved in a 5 day Inca Trail, it can definitely be achieved on a jungle very well made kitchen. Lastly, the instructions and sales material mention there being unlimited water and juice. The juice was only served on breakfast and on a small cup without automatic refills like was the case for the water.
- Diego C.
Reviewed On: 9/14/2021
Good It was incredible and amazing. The tree houses are cute and different than others hotels.
Reviewed On: 11/4/2021
Increible El lodge tiene muy buena ubicacion, el personal y los servicios son de lujo. D
Reviewed On: 12/9/2021
The PERFECT Jungle Stay What a gem! This unique spot has all the comforts you need for the perfect jungle retreat! The food is FANTASTIC and the staff is so accommodating! The guides are knowledgable and the excursions are so fun and enlightening! We had a wonderful time here!
- Brian M.
Reviewed On: 10/28/2021
Amazing experience, can't wait to return to the lodge! We had the BEST time at the Treehouse! From the accommodations, to the food, to the unbelievable daily excursions- the staff went above and beyond to make our stay perfect. Can't beat this adventure for the price point!
Reviewed On: 4/9/2018
Up in the Trees Treehouse Lodge is an incredible experience. The Lodge took care of everything, making our few days there relaxing and unforgetable. The moment your driver picks you up in Iquitos, an amazing experience begins by taking a boat ride into the Amazon where the Lodge is located. All the staff are friendly and make you feel at home right away. A personal guide is with you for your entire trip, to make you feel comfortable and helping plan your excursions, all of which are fantastic. The food was also delicious. Finally, staying up amongst the trees is peaceful and calming. It was truly an experience we will never forget.
Reviewed On: 4/9/2018
Great stay in Treehouse 7 We had an amazing time at the Treehouse Lodge. Martin and Huber (sp?) were our guides in showing us around the Amazon. From night time jungle walks to fishing for piranhas to spotting sloths, it was an amazing adventure. Beware of the tarantulas and other bugs that can crawl into your treehouse at night (I loved it but my husband was not a fan of the tarantula to say the least).
- Ashlee W.
Reviewed On: 7/18/2018
Not as nice as I expected Too much effort and not as cool an idea as I expected in the end. It took 10 minutes to get to my room from the reception area which included a lot of climbing stairs, etc. I would definitely choose an easier treehouse to get to if I stayed again.
- Randy G.
Reviewed On: 7/11/2018
great property, poor communication the treehouses are delightful! they are time consuming and expensive to get to, and sadly, the staff were not able to help us make the most of our time.
Reviewed On: 9/10/2018
They could do better The guides were really great, were extremely knowledgeable, and did a very nice job of providing a truly authentic experience. And the treehouse accommodations were comfortable and unique, even if the screening had a few holes that let bugs in. That said, we had several concerns, in no particular order. First, re: safety, the guides should really be equipped with satellite phones and a first aid kit. The jungle has plenty of risks, and the team should be appropriately equipped to handle them. Second, speaking of safety, the travel back from the site to the Iquitos airport was in a real sketchy ride&#x2014;severely cracked windshield, and no seatbelts. Third, I am no construction expert, but it seems that in a perpetually hot jungle with tons of sunlight, there ought to be a way to provide something more than ice-cold showers&#x2014;like could the water be warmed by sunlight or air? Fourth, the food was just not good. Disappointing that it didn&#x2019;t seem very authentic, but beyond that there was a lot of overcooked meat that wasn&#x2019;t very appetizing. (By the way, because it was so weak, there were surely lots of leftovers, which we hope would be shared with the staff.) Fifth, we got (intestinally) sick from either the food or the water&#x2014;we were assured that the water was treated/filtered, but we have our doubts. (Multiple others there fell ill as well.) Sixth, we were a little frustrated that when we asked the manager re: guidance on tipping, he gave us none. We had gotten very specific and helpful advice from our mountain guide service in the Cusco region, and were disappointed not to get the help at this stop on our trip. Overall, attention to the little things was missing, and we don&#x2019;t think these would be very costly to implement. Again our guides were terrific, but the company, with minimal further investment and cost, could really make it an even better experience, which they should do (and should be able to do) given the pr
- Marcie M.
Reviewed On: 10/7/2018
terrific experince Treehouses were amazing, very immersed in the jungle , well appointed and clean. Felt safe and comfortable, but it was also a great experience being in the tree canopy and going over teh swing bridges to get to our room. Staff were very friendly and helpful . the main lodge was well equipped and great to meet other travelers in the evening. We had a great guide, anton and the trips into the jungle were great fun. Saw plenty of monkeys and birdlife. Hugging the sloth was a real experience, and we caught and ate piranhas. This will be a trip we will remember for a long time.
Reviewed On: 11/9/2018
Surpassed expectations The property was beautiful! The staff was wonderful. The food was delicious. We were given our own personal guide for our entire stay so our adventures were tailored to our wants. There were no large group excursions, it was always very personal with our guide and his assistant. We loved the treehouse, even saw monkeys jumping around outside of our room just like we had hoped for! The only downside is the heat/humidity. The rooms were clean, but you cant help the bed feeling wet when you climb in because of the humidity. For us, 2 nights was enough because of that reason. However, I would strongly recommend this to everybody! It seems expensive, but you get delicious 3 course meals served to you and your own private guide and personalized excursions. We felt it was worth the money.
- Syneva D.
Reviewed On: 5/29/2019
Amazing journey The guide does its best to complete our journey! Thanks David and Job!
- Li Li T.
Reviewed On: 9/13/2019
Treehouse Lodge AMAZING This was the most amazing vacation of my life. From the time I was picked up at the airport to the moment I was dropped back off - I was in awe. The professional staff, incredible gourmet food, and personalized expeditions by locals was beyond my expectations. My treehouse was dream come true.
- Lee A.
Reviewed On: 4/28/2019
Once in a lifetime experience! We had an awesome time at the Tree House Lodge! We were able to all of the excursions during our 3 day, 2 night stay (although it took some pushing on our part with our guide). The tree house was amazing, the food was very high quality, and our Amazon experience felt authentic overall. The only complaint that I would give, is that our guide would 'tell' us to tip various people. That made us feel uncomfortable, especially considering the steep price you pay to stay at the lodge in the first place.
Reviewed On: 4/11/2019
Rostetter 9/12-9/16 treehouse 7 It was an incredible and wonderful experience. The guide Johnny really is a special and brilliant man and has an amazing talent with people. He has a passion for what he does and it is apparent. He definitely elevated our experience to a new level and helped maximize our time at Treehouse. I cannot thank him or express enough how positively he impacted our journey. Please ensure his supervisor is aware if I may kindly ask that of you. The food, lodging and everything truly was incredible. I would be happy to elaborate or write more at any time
- Daniel R.
Reviewed On: 9/30/2019
The best Vacation ever &#xD83D;&#xDE0D; We were sad it end to quickly. Everyone was so nice. Food was excellent &#xD83D;&#xDC4C;
- Josie W.
Reviewed On: 11/27/2019
The perfect jungle hotel Our experience was incredible. We absolutely LOVED our room, our guide Pepe, the rest of the staff including both managers and David the waiter, the activities we did and just the entire experience! The food was exquisite. I hope we can come back one day and will recommend the Treehouse Lodge to everyone I know.
- Ana Jimenez M.
Reviewed On: 2/10/2020
True getaway and fabulous immersion to the Amazon rainforest Fantastic time, knowledgable guides, lovely and attentive staff and fabulous Teeehouse.
Reviewed On: 2/14/2020
A jungle adventure This vacation in the middle of the jungle turned out to be way better than I imagined!<br/>I&#x2019;m so happy I chose that destination to go with my teenaged kids, many fun activities, delicious food, and the treehouses were simply out of a story book, in a word, beautiful. Pictures in their website are the real deal and the staff was very nice and friendly.<br/>I would recommend it anytime! But do take a strong repellent with you, this is a experience not to be missed, I&#x2019;m coming back to fish my own Piranha next year!!!
- Noemi I.
Reviewed On: 3/24/2021
Lovely stay at the Treehouse Lodge We loved our stay at the Treehouse Lodge! Our treehouse was lovely, clean, and very serene. I loved waking up on our first morning to a group of monkeys traveling through the trees, and was even more surprised when I spotted a sloth having a leisurely meal in a tree nearby. Treehouse #7 is in a great location if you're looking for a little solitude and want to experience the jungle around you.<br/><br/> All of the excursions were great, and our guide, Edgar, knowledgeable. The food was good and plentiful, and we were well taken care of by Ronnie in the lodge for any beverage needs. Our 11-year old daughter loved reading in the hammocks upstairs in the lodge. It was nice to meet and chat with other travelers during meals, as well.<br/><br/>I would highly recommend this lodge to anyone looking for a unique Amazon stay.
Reviewed On: 7/18/2016
Amazing Amazon Treehouse Experience The treehouse we stayed in was awesome, it had a bathroom and shower, the bed canopy kept all the bugs out and the location was superb. 65 feet up in the middle of the Amazon forest. The bed was very comfortable and the fact that it was dry season was great. If we were there in the wet season I think it would have been a tad bit less comfortable as it did rain on our last night and there was a leak in the roof in one spot, not over the bed or the couch and chairs though, so it was no big deal. Would love to stay here again, it was amazing!
- Treicia M.
Reviewed On: 9/20/2016
Once in a lifetime At Treehouse I'd suggest asking for Willy as your guide. He went way beyond expectations. Our treehouse was immaculate, the food gourmet, and the experience was once in a lifetime. Couldn't recommend Treehouse enough.
- Terry G.
Reviewed On: 6/16/2016
nice experience everything went well. from pick up, transport and stay itseld. great excursions, staff really helpful. food ok but not wow. all in all nice eperience
Reviewed On: 5/27/2016
Amazing Experience in the tree tops Amazing experience. The guides were knowledagble and friendly. The food and staff were incrediable! Could not believe how perfect everything was from the accomadations to the excursions. Highly recommend this to anyone. It was a experience of a lifetime.
- Natalie (booking.com) L.
Reviewed On: 9/19/2016
Paradise in Amazon My husband and I had such a wonderful experience staying at the Treehouse Lodge (treehouse 7). We chose the most secluded treehouse with 2 cable bridges (including the longest bridge at the lodge). We thoroughly enjoyed our daily excursions with our guide, Marden and spotted many Amazonian animals in the jungle - sloths, macaws, toucans, monkeys, hoatzins etc (it was surreal to see them in person). We will definitely be back!
Reviewed On: 5/14/2017
Best place to stay! We stayed in treehouse nr 7 and for us this was the most original and beautiful hotel we have stayed in for a very long time. Do not expect luxury in the common sense, luxury at the treehouse lodge comes in form of an amazing experience, view and this being limited to a very few guests. We loved it and can only recommend!
- Hans M.
Reviewed On: 9/17/2016
Treehouse Good location and a unique experience. Property could use some updating.
- Alisha F.
Reviewed On: 8/31/2017
A mystical, memorable experience We were picked up from our choice of location in Iquitos by our guide, Johnny, who would stay with us for the entire trip. He took us hunting, hiking, bird watching, he took us to a local village, he took us on long boat trips to see monkeys and lakes. He was absolutely wonderful. When we arrived at the lodge we were greeted by the wonderful, helpful, smiling staff. They waited on us for the entire trip. The treehouses are breathtaking, they are comfy and clean and classy, the views are incredible, the beds are comfortable. I don't usually review places, I certainly don't write with this sort of hyperbole. But this really was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and I just can't recommend it enough.
- Nicholas D.
Reviewed On: 3/2/2017
Great experience overall but some things need improvement Overall, we had a great time, but I have a couple of suggestions for the property management. First, the food service needs improvement: now the emphasis seems to be on presentation and service, but the portion size and quality was not so great. Buffet-style meals would be a good solution and it would be nice to have a bigger variety of local fruits. Second, our treehouse missed a curtain dividing the toilet enclosure from the rest of the room (clearly, there were curtain rod holders, but the curtain itself was missing). No hot/warm water in the shower - it was OK for the weather we had, but would be a bummer if it got a little bit colder. And last but not least, our guide - he was clearly knowledgeable and cared about the wildlife, but was not so eager to share his knowledge with us. During our walks in the jungle, if we didn't ask questions ourselves, he wouldn't tell us much and would just briskly walk on with us trailing behind. We felt like he needs to be a bit more proactive and client-friendly.
Reviewed On: 9/11/2017
From Az Amazing<br/>
- Kay W.
Reviewed On: 11/9/2017

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Treehouse 7 Solitude Suite 65ft - Sleeps up to 3

ID 262286 - 2 beds (2 single). Base rent is for 3 occupants.
Peru Accommodations
Enjoy the incredible beauty of the Amazon without being on the jungle floor. Your stay will include all of your meals prepared by our local chefs and all of your daily excursions and adventures that you personally pick.. All bungalows at Treehouse Lodge come with comforts you wouldn’t expect to find high in the trees in the middle of the jungle. Showers, sinks, toilets, fresh white linens, comfortable beds, and chairs are our standard. So they don’t come with hot water, but a cool shower after spending the day in the heat is very refreshing. The entire structure of the bungalow is sealed by mosquito mesh woven so fine that it will not obstruct your view in any way. Additionally, each bed is equipped with another layer of mosquito mesh draping’s which tuck in under the mattress.

The friendly staff at Treehouse will take your luggage to and from your bungalow and clean your bungalow daily. After enjoying a nice dinner at the main lodge, the path to your bungalow will be lit ensuring you a peaceful and safe walk home for the night.

Bungalow 7 is the second highest bungalow at Treehouse. It stands tall and provides a beautiful secluded home nestled amongst the trees. On one side, you will be greeted by spacious views spanning the rainforest, on the other the rainforest will be right next to you. As this bungalow sits further into the jungle, it brings the sights and sounds of the wild close to home. Bungalow 7 sits 65 feet off the ground and spans approximately 18 feet in diameter. It can be arranged with either one king bed or two twins. Also, a portable cot can be provided if requested for an additional person.

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