Owner Direct Vacation Rentals - Protection+

When you purchase the optional service Protection+, you agree and are subject to these terms and conditions


To be protected for all rent payments made to the owner via a credit card, PayPal, check, email money transfer, bank draft or direct bank transfer; you must order Protection+ before completing your match (i.e. prior to the end of the grace period).


You will be reimbursed for the amount paid to the owner for rent plus the match fee paid to Owner Direct Vacation Rentals (to a maximum of $5000 CAD or for other currencies to a max equivalent of $5,000 CAD currency).

Some examples of when your rent payment Protection+ will apply are when:

  • the property becomes unavailable due to Strata or Municipal bylaws.
  • the property has been sold and the new owner is not accepting existing matches and the existing owner is unable to locate a suitable alternate property.
  • the property has become unavailable to you because of the impact of an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, landslide, volcanic eruption or cyclone, on the property.
  • the booking has been terminated by the owner prior to the scheduled arrival date and the owner refuses to refund your paid portion of the rent.

The claim cannot exceed the amount recorded on your Notice of Match.

Claims Not Covered by Protection+:

  • payments to the property owner made with either cash, money order, Western Union, MoneyGram, or other instant wire transfer services because these payment methods carry too much risk and cannot be traced for protection or legal purposes.
  • transportation costs including but not limited to air travel, vehicle rentals, bus, taxi and shuttle transfers.
  • travel insurance premiums
  • 'Renter's Remorse' ie change of mind, illness, etc, 'Bait and Switch' or any objection to the suitability of the property such as condition or location.
  • reimbursement for time and costs of pursuing and collecting a refund from the property owner.
  • hospital bills and other issues relating to health and death.
  • security or damage deposits made to the property owner.
  • political and health related risk such as coups/rebellions or ebola/viral outbreaks, etc.
  • weather related risks such as not enough snow or too much rain, hurricanes,etc.

Claim Procedures

Failure by you to follow these procedures, or the taking of any action by you without our written consent that impairs our ability and/or right to mitigate any potential loss, or the making by you of any false or misleading statement with respect to any claim hereunder will void such claim's eligibility.

  • Third Party Reimbursement

    Prior to submitting a claim, you are responsible for making every effort to recover your funds from the owner. Your rental contract is with the owner, not OwnerDirect.com.

    If you have paid money to the property owner via direct bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or check, you must immediately contact the banks, PayPal or credit card issuer to request recovery or reimbursement of your monies.

    If the bank, PayPal or credit card issuer denies your request, you may be entitled to receive payment under Protection+

    You must show written proof that you contacted the bank, PayPal or credit card issuer and that your request was denied. You are required to accept a settlement from the bank, PayPal or your credit card issuer, but you may still be eligible for additional payments under Protection+, if such settlement is less than the total rent paid.

  • Identify Yourself

    If OwnerDirect.com makes the request, you must provide written proof of your identity which might include your driver's licenses, passport, credit card information and/or utility bill.

  • Booking Documentation

    You must provide copy of all documentation with respect to your booking including but not limited to the owner's Confirmation, owner's policies, owner's rules, owner's regulations, email communication, telephone communication and all other communications.

  • Payment Documentation

    You must provide written documentation of all rent payments (partial or full) made to the property owner.

  • Rent Loss Documentation

    You must provide written documentation of the property not being available to you.

    Further, you must provide written evidence that the owner received your money, was notified by you of your claim, and illegally refused or failed to return your payments to you.

  • Notice

    You must notify OwnerDirect.com within two (2) business days of learning that you will lose a rent payment.

  • Make a Claim

    You must contact OwnerDirect.com and request instructions on how to submit a Protection+ claim. You must submit your claim within thirty (30) days of receiving the instructions.

  • Assist OwnerDirect.com

    You agree to fully cooperate with OwnerDirect.com in all aspects of the claim process including providing, on a timely basis, any documentation requested to support your claim. OwnerDirect.com may cancel your claim if you do not respond promptly.

  • Timing of Rent Refund Payment

    Processing of your claim will be completed as soon as possible but not later than thirty (30) days of receipt of all requested documentation. Payment is made by credit card.

Purchase Protection+

Having asked your Customer Service Specialist to add Protection+, payment is taken at the same time as the Matching Fee (i.e. when the match is completed).

If a match is cancelled within the grace period, there is no charge for either Protection+ or the Match Fee.

You will receive an email confirmation that your credit card has been charged the Protection Plus premium (the Premium plus any GST for Canadian guests) for the purchase of Protection+. If the rates quoted for your match are in CAD you will be charged and covered in Canadian funds. Matches in all other currencies will be charged and covered in USD.

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