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Penticton, also known as the Peach City, is found in British Columbia, Canada, more specifically in the South Okanagan and situated between two beautiful lakes. To the north is Okanagan Lake while the smaller lake called Skaha Lake is found towards south. The best time to visit is during summer. In fact, this is when tourism is at its peak and when the tourists double the size of the population to around 60,000 people.

Penticton officially became a city in 1984. When you visit Penticton, you will find that its agriculture industry is very rich. In fact, there are plenty of fruit trees visible everywhere you go. Fruit trees are planted even in the bench areas overlooking the Okanagan Lake. Apples, cherries, pears are abundant in the area depending on the season.

Today, Penticton thrives not only on tourism but also on the production and exportation of fruit. Also, the wine industry in the city is rich and continues to expand.

The climate in Penticton is a four-seasons version of what many people call the Mediterranean climate. Summer has a hot climate that reaches up to 27 degree Celsius average. During peak summer seasons this can go up to 35 to 40 degree Celsius. If you want to experience snow in Penticton, you should visit in December and January, the only times when a modest amount of snow actually builds up.

There are many things to do and places to visit in Penticton. Among these is the Munson Mountain Park, where, coming from the north, you can see the large Penticton sign greeting similar to that in Hollywood. Thousands of white stones were used to create this sign. When you are in the park, you can get a 360 degree panorama view of the South Okanagan Valley.

Another must visit is the Leir House Cultural Centre. Its an old beautiful house built in the year 1927 and was used once as a residence of nurses. It is now being used as home of the Penticton Arts Council. If you want to see its vintage stone walls as well as a beautiful gazebo, you are free to visit anytime as it is open during the entire year without any fee at all.

Other places to see are the S.S Sicamous Inland Marine Museum , the Penticton Roundabout, the Peach, the Penticton Museums and Archives and the Art Gallery of the South Okanagan. You should also witness the Challenge Canada event, where thousands of competitors compete in a triathlon contest. The triathlon consists of swimming 3.86 kilometers, biking 180 kilometers and completing a full marathon of 42.2 kilometers.

The wine industry is very notable in this city. In fact, a number of wineries continue to spring up every year, even if there are already plenty of them in the area. Some of the most popular wineries include the Bonitas Winery, DAngelo Estate Winery, Hillside Estate Winery, La Frenz Winery, Laughing Stock Vineyards and many more.

If your main reason for visiting the place is to see the beaches, theres a perfect beach for just about everyone. A beach escapade is definitely perfect on a lovely summer day. If you are with your family, the best beach to go is the more family-friendly beach of Okanagan Beach. Skaha Beach is where younger generations of people party and mingle. Three Mile Beach is perfect for those who love a quieter and more relaxed beach vacation.

Golfers will love the four golf courses within the city limits and several more beyond it. The golf courses within the city are Pine Hills or Sage Mesa, Penticton Golf & Country Club, Mini Golf and Skaha Meadows.

The Skaha Climbing Buffs is great for rock climbers and those who wish to experience rock climbing for the first time. It is adjacent to the Skaha Lake thus explains its name Skaha Climbing Buff. There is a fee for accessing the area but it is definitely worth it.

Another popular past time in the city is floating down the river called River Channel. A fun-filled trip down this channel takes about 2 to 3.5 hours. A river that flows from the Okanagan Lake to the Skaha Lake, this past time will leave you wanting to go back to the place again and again.

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