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  • Waterfront Home W/ Direct

    Cape Coral: House
    4 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #246592
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Gail says ‘Best Spring Break Ever---spoken by my 5 grandchildren...’
    This house is the real is exactly as shown...4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and an awesome pool and lanai. I was new to Owner Direct and because of the expense of renting, wanted to make certain everything was on the up and up. The owner set my mind at ease with the first email and every communication thereafter. She made the entire experience seamless with her assurance, assistance, and kindness regarding the entire vacation. When we arrived at the home, we were met by Chastity who was fun, friendly, and knowledgeable about the house. We did a walk thru, went over the contract, and she assured us it was our house for the week and to enjoy it and all the amenities. There were bikes, skateboards, pool toys, tennis rackets, beach chairs & umbrellas, basketballs, and kayaks,,,all for our use and enjoyment. We used every one of them! The washer and dryer in the garage was helpful as well. Overall, this was a great experience. We had 5 grandchildren ages 7-13 with us. Each one was amazed at the pool, lanai, and toys. They all declared this was the " spring break ever," and wanted to know if we could come back again next year. The location is perfect for quick trips to the beach at Ft. Myer and to all the stores in Cape Coral. This comes with my highest recommendations.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • 400 Miles of Waterways. A

    Cape Coral: Home
    5 BDR • 4 BA • Sleeps 14 • #201354
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Fred says ‘Nice Cape Coral Home.’
    We completely enjoyed our stay at this house. It was huge, had many amenities, and was nicely appointed. We especially liked the lanai with pool and Jacuzzi, and the sliding doors that practically opened the whole living area to the outside. However there were some things we did not like. There was an old limosine that was parked along the side of the house that was in disrepair. The garage was used by the owner to store several appliances from this and other rentals, and they would come by to work on them from time to time. We did enjoy the use of the rental boat that is available at a great price to rental customers, but had several issues with maintenance items (which were quickly taken care of). One other item that we did not like was the storage of two boats at the dock behind the house. When we first arrived there was nothing back there, but when I requested to rent a boat they brought one over then proceeded for a couple days cleaning it on location, and later bringing a second boat over to keep it tied up at the dock. This limited the area where we could fish off the dock. Overall I really loved this vacation, and was especially sorry to have to leave to come back home where we are experiencing extreme cold temperatures. Would I come here again? Yes, I probably would.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Newly Built Luxury

    Cape Coral: Home
    4 BDR • 3 BA • Sleeps 14 • #201360
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Roscoe says ‘uncomfortable and unsanitary’
    This home did not have the furniture that was in the picture of the living room--It showed a recliner chair and when we arrived there was none. Very uncomfortable furniture in living room. The screen on the screened in pool was ripped at top and there were spiders everywhere inside the pool area. the towels in the bath area where mildewed and stunk!! The laundry room had a terrible mildew smell, My wife discovered that the washer gasket was full of mildew and she had to clean it so we could stop the horrible stench smell of mildew. Beds were comfortable. We left 3 days early --Our worst experience of any rental ever!!
    Owner Comments
    Dear Guest, Your opinion and statements of your stay changed
    drastically when you came back home. You told me you had to leave 2 nights early due to an emergency at home. At checkout when I asked you told me you enjoyed your stay, no mention of spiders etc. but you had thought there was a recliner in the living room. The pictures on the website of the living room show an armchair with an ottoman. Not a Recliner, and the Living room is furnished with armchair and ottoman.

    We always and immediately take care of any issues a guest may have but that requires that the guest call us to let us know during their stay in the house and not 10 days after checkout day.
    Stayed with family - Would not recommend to friends and family
  • Waterfront, Privacy, Open

    Cape Coral: House
    4 BDR • 4 BA • Sleeps 8 • #229668
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Deirdre says ‘Far from Serenity's Edge’
    This villa is of a very high standard including the lakeside position and high quality of amenities provided. We had a wonderful relaxing family experience in this well-appointed villa. However, while we were able to enjoy the luxurious environment, the feeling of occupying a space that was rather reluctantly offered for payment was never very far away. Every single item in the kitchen is carefully labelled which was one of the first unsettling indicators of an unpleasant, vigilant, unwelcome message. I found myself anxious about the white rugs in the bathroom, and moved them out of the way to protect them from normal splash and falling hairs from brushing. We ignored this feeling of being in a rather unwelcome space for the most part. Being a close family, we enjoyed each other’s company and settled into the space we tried to make our own as much as possible while musing over the motivation of the owners to rent out their beautiful home, reluctantly it seemed. We had the feeling that perhaps the owners had to generate an income which forced them to tolerate what they seem to experience as rather unwelcome intruders into their home. The message that rental ‘guests’ could not be trusted to look after the place was conveyed in the writ large words ‘treating our home as you would your own’ which was written in the ‘house rules book’. This evoked another unsettling indictor of reluctance and indeed resentment by the owners perhaps for having to rent their beautiful property which they convey they bought for their retirement.

    There were a number of problems which emerged during the week and for the most part dealt with efficiently by the owner. We arrived on Sunday evening and discovered the pool was cold. This was disappointing as we expected a ‘heated pool’ as advertised. Our disappointment was compounded by the contrast in our experience the previous week in a beautiful gated resort and equally beautiful penthouse apartment with a comfortably warm pool. With some reluctance on both the Manager Jana’s part and the owner Margaret, the pool was enabled to be heated, which took some time. However, we discovered when our deposit was returned that we paid a hefty price for a heated pool. On the second day Monday, our son was lying on the lounger and it collapsed, jolting his head backwards and giving him a fright! Luckily, he wasn’t injured. Interestingly, I took a photo of the collapsed lounger and sent it to the owner, as I had an anxious thought that we might be accused of damaging the lounger. Since we have never had such an experience of anxiety in rented holiday accommodation anywhere in the world before, we reasoned our anxiety must have been induced by the unpleasant tone of messages conveyed in the ‘house-rules book’ and in the ‘rental agreement contract’ we regrettably signed. The lounger was replaced 2 days later. It was curious to note that it seemed important to the owner that the new loungers ‘matched’ existing ones rather than being concerned if my son was hurt. The next day, Tuesday, I apologized to the owner for contacting her again about another problem which was that we had no water. Again, the owner resolved the problem efficiently and although we were without water for a day, we graciously tolerated the situation. As well as there being no water that day, the pool cleaner appeared to have stalled and I had to contact the owner again and while this was resolved efficiently, it was a little disconcerting at the time to note the owner’s conveying of anxiety that her ‘luck with the house is unbelievable’. A few days later, the garage door appeared to stall and could not be closed. We discovered that the door was operated electronically which was never explained in any of the literature provided and it was reasonable to assume the door operated manually. It wasn’t until we were leaving that the Manager Jana informed us that the owner believed we had damaged the door. This was an upsetting accusation and when we clarified this with the owner she said the technician who had fixed the door ‘suspected that the force of an end of a kayak had buckled the door’. Our explanation of manually operating the door without realising it operated electronically was accepted by the owner. However, given the owner had not sought an explanation from us a few days earlier but instead harboured the belief we had damaged the door, this experience left us with a very unpleasant feeling as, unbeknown to us, we had been accused of something we did not do and presumably would have received a ‘bill for damages’ following departure. This feeling at the end of our stay in this beautifully presented villa, compounded our cumulative feeling that ‘rental guests’ were at best disingenuously tolerated and at worst resented. The electrical switches frustratingly tripped frequently while we cooked and we were told ‘this hasn’t happened in 5 years’! Such was our resignation about what seemed to be the ‘bad luck’ of the house referred to by the owner, we didn’t even let her know that the television signal was so poor we stopped watching it! We also didn’t mention to her that the pool was infested with bugs for an entire day making it impossible to swim until we spent time and effort cleaning the pool. A few days later the female pool cleaner attended the villa on a routine day to clean the pool and told us the pool lacked chlorine! While our unease during the rental of this property made it unlikely we would ever return and, disappointing though this was, we put it down to ‘bad luck’ and moved on from the experience in our minds. However, upon realising we were subjected to financial ruthlessness in relation to the withholding of our deposit, our sense of having experienced bad luck rapidly became an experience of upset and distress. We paid $1200 deposit which is excessive in itself but nonetheless we regrettably agreed to pay this. The deposit which was eventually returned to us beyond the rental agreement contract of 14 days, was $775. Apart from credit card costs which we inevitably incurred, an additional $249.84 was deducted from the deposit - $184 for electrical usage and $50 for ‘unscheduled delayed check-out’ – 2 hrs. Nowhere in the ‘house-rules book’ nor in the literature provided did it mention a specific check-out time - 12.00 noon is standard for such rental. We were told this information was on the website and that we should have read it. It is not reasonable to expect anyone to refer to the website details after payment has been made and detailed information is provided by the owner. We attempted to convey our shock and disappointment at the charges and appealed to the owner to at least negotiate a reduction of these costs given the difficulties which were on-going throughout the week. We were told we were ‘nasty’. We wish to convey we have never been so badly treated anywhere we have stayed in any rental apartment throughout the world. Prospective ‘rental guests’ for ‘Serenity’s Edge’ need to be prepared to feel unease at the very least about being in a barely disguised unwelcome space with the fear of putting a foot wrong and at worst, poorly treated.

    Finally, the rental involves a considerable number of front-loaded charges which we clearly agreed to by signing the rental agreement. Thus, in addition to the considerable Rental Fee, ($2000 per week) there is a per guest charge of $175 per person staying, $300 for exit cleaning, an 11% Florida Tax, a booking fee for $130 for the company we booked through and rather extraordinarily $300 dollars for the website in addition to a costly rental. Total cost we paid $4527 minus $775. Our message is Renter be aware and wary. To be charged for electricity in addition to the high cost of the rental and expected to be out of the Villa by 10am on day of departure is simply sharp practice and leaves one far from the edge of serenity.

    Owner Comments
    We have had many guests stay at our vacation rental property without any issue. Rarely if ever, have we had any complaint about the house or how we conduct business. I strive to insure that everything represented is accurate. I have no idea why you thought all the things you did or felt all the things you felt. The only contact I had with you was through email and only when necessary. Copied directly from your husbands email: “thanks for a wonderful week st your beautiful home - we loved every minute and are returning to rain and 14 degrees heat back in Ireland relaxed and tanned - unusual for the Irish! ”.
    When the lounge chair collapsed, I immediately replaced it. I didn’t ask any questions or imply any negligence on your part. I never spoke with you personally. Everything was through email (which I have). The labels you speak of in the kitchen are also on the light switches & remote controls to help aid Guests. The bathroom mats are common rubber backed, machine washable so your extreme fear was unwarranted.
    The water system GFI switch was tripped due to lightning from a severe storm. I called the water system maintenance company immediately, The repair man was there within hours to restore the water. This was from an act of nature and totally beyond our control.
    The weather averaged 88-98 degrees during your stay. The pool heat is usually NOT required or requested at these temperatures. You requested the pool be maintained at 91* (abnormally high) which is fine but your contract clearly states that the KWH electrical usage will be the renter’s responsibility after the $50 weekly allowance is used.
    The garage door repairman clearly laid the blame for the broken garage door on misuse and abuse. We did not charge you for the repair and the residual damage.
    The breaker in the kitchen has not been an issue but may have been tripped by using multiple appliances at one time. Simple solution: Plug the electric kettle in another socket since there are 11 in the kitchen to choose from.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the TV service. Groups have been there since you and all is fine. Maybe you don’t know how to used a SMART System and remote.
    Finally, a SALTWATER pool is just that. SALTWATER! There is NO chlorine added to a SALTWATER pool. The salt converts to chlorine in a safe mild way and is the PREFERRED method of chlorination.
    Very telling that your husband’s email was complimentary & without any complaints until I sent you the electrical usage graph from the electric company with your usage and your Bank Processing Fees. You choose the payment method. We offer much more reasonable methods of payment. Your contract CLEARLY states that these charges are your responsibility but you became hostile & derogatory when we would not absorb the specified fees.
    Stayed with family - Would not recommend to friends and family
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