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  • 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Condo at

    Kelowna: Quail Ridge: Condo in a complex
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #213552
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Colleen says ‘Carolyn’s Condo was perfect ’
    We had a lovely stay at Carolyn’s condo.
    The condo was set up well with everything we needed. The condo was also very clean.
    This was our second year staying at Pinnacle. We love having a condo instead of a hotel, and the pool is great.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Relax and Explore Kelowna

    Kelowna: Pinnacle Pointe: Condo
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 4 • #233944
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Mary says ‘Outstanding Condo!’
    My husband and I stayed at a two bedroom condo at Pinnacle Point. The condo did not disappoint in any way. Everything you need is there to have great, relaxing stay. I would highly recommend using Owner Direct and this condo.
    Stayed with spouse - Recommended to friends and family
  • Exciting Golf Course

    Kelowna: Pinnacle Pointe: Condo
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #224640
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Howard & Joan says ‘Awesome Condo’
    Kelowna is one of our favourite places to stay every summer, we call it God's Country. This was our first year in our 30 years visiting Kelowna that we rented a property using Owner Direct and the experience was great, totally professional. The photos provided of the condo were exactly what we viewed in the ad provided by Owner Direct, and the condo and property were perfect. The view from our balcony was stunning, the Quail Ridge Golf Course was perfect, and the interior and amenities provided in the condo and in the complex were perfect. Only comment: the mattress in master bedroom was very soft. We will be back, and thank you to all the staff from the initial contact for booking to the young lady that met us on site to provide us access to the condo great work absolute professional. Once again thank you for making our stay in your beautiful city memorable. Cheers.
    Stayed with spouse - Recommended to friends and family
  • Pinnacle Pointe Two Bed

    Kelowna: Pinnacle Pointe: Condo
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 5 • #256675
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Patricia says ‘Pinnacle Pointe Condo’
    Overall, we were quite satisfied with the condition of this condo. It was clean and very well stocked with everything - from towels to dishes, glasses, pots, pans, cutlery, seasonings, spices, etc. The only problem we had was that the air conditioner was not working. Before I committed to this unit, I enquired as to whether there was AC or not, and I was reassured that there was. However, before we left for our vacation, we received an email advising that the AC was not working and would be repaired a couple of days after our arrival. That never happened. Instead, two portable AC units were waiting for us. These units were very noisy and had to be vented outdoors, so the windows were open the whole time - which was not a good thing considering the smoke and ashes that permeated the Kelowna skies from all the surrounding fires. A fan was used in the second bedroom, but it did not provide any relief from the heat. We were to be compensated for this inconvenience; however, a week has gone by and we are still waiting for the refund. Also, the sheets on the bed in the master bedroom need to be replaced as they are worn thin and pilling.
    Stayed with spouse - Recommended to friends and family
  • Top Floor Bright and

    Kelowna: Pinnacle Pointe: Condo
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #224712
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Randy says ‘A week in Kelowna’
    Condo was great, kids had space, pool was good. The washing machine was broken during our visit which was less than ideal, as we all packed thinking we had laundry. Also, while parked on the street the first night our boat was broken into and personal items stolen, which is always a bummer. Nothing against the place, just a heads up for future guests parking off property.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Golf Course Executive

    Kelowna: Pinnacle Pointe: Condo in a complex
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #224648
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Cal says ‘Not worth the money paid’
    I have provided a very comprehensive list of both pros and cons below. For background we (family of 4 with 2 adult children) travel a lot and have experience with hotels, timeshares, condo rentals etc through various direct and indirect booking agencies. This condo rental at Pinnacle Pointe Golf Resort in Quail Ridge, Kelowna from Saturday July 31st – Saturday August 7th, 2021, was from property manager via ‘Owner Direct Vacation Rentals (ODVR)’ (Property ID 6278373 - ODVR charged a 10% booking fee).

    We understand we stayed in Kelowna during peak season so we expected rates to be higher during this summer period; however, the short story is this condo was not worth the amount we paid. After reviewing some of the more reputable rating sources prior to booking, Pinnacle Pointe came in at around 8.5/10. We saw the interior of other condos in our building while walking down the hall and would say some, that have been renovated lately, would merit an 8.5 or better; however, we would rate the condo that we stayed in at Pinnacle Point as a 6/10 given what we paid. Here is a comprehensive list of all the pros and cons that we felt are worth mentioning and lead us to our 6/10 rating (we do have pictures available to substantiate most of the items listed):

    1. Initial communications with ODVR and the property manager pre-occupancy was very good.
    2. Entrance to Lobby with FOB, underground parking with remote, condo door with code all worked very well. Operated smoothly and efficiently, great setup.
    3. The living area and master ensuit were very spacious.
    4. Air conditioning worked very well and louvre vents could be adjusted as needed to make the rooms all very comfortable. Was great to keep the condo cool and clear of the smoke from the BC forest fires.
    5. Kitchen was very well stocked with what would be needed to make breakfasts, lunches and supper (if you wanted to cook in the condo). Missing only salt and pepper and paper towel – not a full roll supplied.
    6. Good selection of equipment in the gym to workout and with and it was in good running order. Allows for very good cardio, upper or lower body workouts.
    7. Hot tub and pool were nice. Hot tub temperature was warm enough for most people.
    8. View is very nice (on non-smoke days).
    9. Close to airport but without the sound of planes landing or taking off.
    10. The Condo is about a 25-30 minute drive from downtown which makes is far enough away from the busy hustle and bustle of downtown Kelowna. It is in a nice quiet area.

    1. Communication with the property manager on and after check-in day was poor, very vague answers in an email from the day before check-in and no response to 3 of our emails on day of check-in or thereafter. Later in the evening on check-in day we used the 24-hour text number supplied and someone responded the next day mid-morning. There were 3 things that we needed to be addressed promptly (i.e., see Con items #2, #3 and #4 below) but since we didn’t hear back via text until the next day, we dealt with them as best we could on the first day.
    2. The Wi-Fi information provided was incorrect. After mentioning this we received a text the second day with more wrong information but eventually got it working after they figured out the problem.
    3. 11 of the thirteen pillows has pillow shams and 2 pillows had pillowcases. We maintain that pillow shams are used for decoration on pillows and pillowcases are used to cover the pillow to sleep on. We were told, the second day when they responded, that they wash the shams and we are to sleep with our heads on the shams. Not only was this odd to us but the shams were dirty so some of us slept without pillowcases the first night. The person we texted brought 3 pillowcases the next day (think they were spares from their own house as they were not new and all different colours).
    4. There were no bathmats. The floors are normally slippery stepping out of the shower/tub and we were concerned about slipping and falling. We used some of the bath towels the first morning so the mats were no longer necessary.
    5. Sound barrier above and below condo are not very good. We often heard a child running around loudly upstairs, it was not too quiet and peaceful with that noise.
    6. The fan timer in the common bathroom was not working properly. It was loudly grinding and ticking away continuously, making it difficult to fall asleep even with the bathroom door closed.
    7. No water was available in the gym (perhaps due to COVID). The TV remote was not working (batteries dead?) so channels/volume could not to be changed and there was no music system to use. They need to replace the 20-pound dumbbells that are missing from the set and repair the blinds that have been severely damaged.
    8. Not enough toilet paper was supplied in the condo, we had to get our own toward the end of the week.
    9. The Teflon coatings on the pots, pans and frying pans were essentially gone. We had to buy some none-stick spray to try to keep food from sticking when cooking our breakfasts.
    10. The TV/cable box remote batteries were almost dead as the remote did not work well at all.
    11. Floors all felt dirty.
    12. When we saw that one of single bed mattresses was stained and dirty, we did not look further at the others.
    13. The pull-out sofa bed was broken. The frame at the head was bent/broken so that it did not allow the mattress to lay flat at the head. It was also rubbing the fabric of the sofa causing addition damage. Exceedingly difficult and uncomfortable to sleep on.
    14. There were no hooks or back door racks for towels or clothes in the common bathroom, only one rack on the wall. Excluding the 2 master bedroom occupants, this common bathroom is supposed to be able to serve 6 others since this condo sleeps 8. There were not even enough racks in the common bathroom for the towels and clothes even for just the two of us that were using the common bathroom.
    15. Kitchen light bulbs kept flickering.
    16. This condo had only three beach/pool towels in it for us to use. This condo sleeps 8 but the 3 towels were not even enough for even the 4 of us staying there.
    17. There were personal items that were left atop a kitchen cabinet, and in the desk, that belonged to either the owners or previous guests.
    18. Balcony floor was particularly dirty and stained badly, especially around the base of the BBQ.
    19. The building is a bit run down, hallways are not clean and underground parking is dirty with garbage strewn about. There was a large cockroach we found struggling on the first floor on its back outside the elevator door.
    20. As mentioned previously this condo was way overpriced. It is in bad need of renovation and repair; it is run down, dirty and poorly maintained. For example: the floor was quite scuffed; many chips and marks on the walls; all sitting furniture in the living room had various places like the arm rests and other edges had the material worn off; fridge was howling when the compressor turned on; laundry room door was sticking badly (warped or misaligned); two of the bar stools had a lower wooden brace bar missing making them wobbly and unsafe to use; master room closet was misaligned; kitchen left sink was badly plugged and draining very slowly.

    You might think that we should have brought some of these up to the manager of the condo at the time. We did ask to have addressed 3 of the more important matters (see cons1-4 above) and we sent an email about many of the other items on the list but we were not on holidays to spend our time debating and fixing condo deficiencies. Most of these deficiencies they surely would have known about. When paying the amount that we did for the week, we would expect the condo to be in very good condition with few, if any, deficiencies like the ones listed above. We would not stay here again.
    Stayed with family - Would not recommend to friends and family
  • Ground Level 3 Bedrooms

    Kelowna: Pinnacle Pointe: Condo in a complex
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #224678
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Alex says ‘Dirty, Pictures inaccurate ’
    This place is filthy and the pictures are not of the unit I rented. The bed linen was filthy, stained and actually dirty with dried, hardened, human or animal fluid. Bathroom was filthy, with hair on floor and tub, urine stains around toilet, clogged sink, no hot water in sink in master. Third bedroom was not a bedroom, converted room, no window. Kitchen extremely poorly equipped. Floors not swept properly, blinds broken, etc etc, Patio was not as pictured. ground level unit and patio was in a corner of trees, no view. Sleeping pillow horrible. When I contacted the owner to inform him, he asked me to write an email, He did not offer cleaning services to come and rectify the situation. Also upon check in, no one was there to let us in, as indicated on email. Owner did not return my call when I contacted him upon check in issues.... Do not rent this dump
    Stayed with family - Would not recommend to friends and family
  • Modern 3 Bedroom Condo at

    Kelowna: Discovery Bay: Condo in a complex
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #213828
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Jane Ann says ‘A great stay’
    We stayed at this lovely condo for three nights while in Kelowna for wine tours. It was spacious and roomy for the four of us and was very well appointed. The bedroom with the twin beds is quite small and has no window, so be prepared for that but it was cozy. Overall a wonderful experience and the communication with the Owner and the lovely gal who met us and gave us all the info we needed was great.
    Stayed with friends - Recommended to friends and family
  • Luxury Beachfront Condo on

    West Kelowna: Barona Beach: Condo in a complex
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #247412
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Christine says ‘Barona Beach’
    Our family had an amazing holiday.
    Barona Beach Resort is a family friendly resort in the perfect location.
    A beautiful condo with all the amenities.
    Impeccably clean and well maintained by the owners. Prompt response to any inquiries.
    We will definitely be returning to enjoy again.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Central Location for

    Fintry: La Casa: Cottage
    2 BDR • 1 Loft • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #243316
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Shane says ‘Great Cottage’
    This was our 2nd time staying at this cottage and it is great; close to the store, pool, courts, great sized deck with view of the lake and 3 comfortable beds. Owners are really great to work with and always looking to make our stay that much more enjoyable
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Lakeside Property With

    Killiney Beach: House
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 5 • #202285
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Sam says ‘You will be amazed!’
    It's been almost 2 weeks since I'm back and I'm still energized from this trip. The place was spectacular. As I arrived, I immediately sent a message to Kat and said this is wayyyyyyyyyy better than the images:)
    You will be surprised. There are two bedrooms on second floor. Besides the living and dining area, there is one huge office space with sofa bed in the main floor. What I loved about this place was having access to the backyard from bedrooms. There is a peaceful gazebo hidden between trees on a higher level of the backyard, above the house. My 4-year-old daughter found it as a great discovery and a secret place for mommy- daughter time.
    The nearby beaches are beautiful and not very crowded, you could say you've got a private beach:)
    Just notice there is no dishwasher, which wasn't a big deal for us, we had 1 or 2 meal at home per day.
    Kat is super amazing, the communications was smooth and efficient. She was super considering, specially with the AB-BC border being close until the last minute of our trip. She offered a full return in case it remains close.
    Thanks to Kat, for the greatest communications, and kindness.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Two Bedroom La Casa

    Fintry: La Casa: Cottage
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 4 • #246939
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Ilinca says ‘We Had a Great Stay’
    We all had a great stay. Beautiful cottage, clean, bright, equipped with all we needed and more, very professional and accommodating hosts. Lots to do on site and within reasonable distance to Kelowna and Vernon.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Panoramic View from the

    Fintry: La Casa: Cottage
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #243211
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Matthew says ‘Nice, relaxing, great views. Would stay again!’
    Nice, clean condo with everything you need to have an enjoyable stay. 2 minute walk to upper pool which was very convenient. Host was super helpful and easy to reach. Also offered to let us have late checkout. Deposit returned in a few days.
    Only negative was it was super hot, 45 plus a day when we were there and the air conditioning did not get the upstairs coil enough to sleep in. If there were fans it might’ve helped. We all just slept downstairs.
    Stayed with self - Recommended to friends and family
  • Beautiful Cottage on Lake

    Fintry: La Casa: Cottage
    2 BDR • 1 Loft • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #151609
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Timothy says ‘Snow covered view of Okanagan Lake’
    Our family of 3 had wonderful stay. The cottage had everything we needed with fantastic view. We especially enjoyed our campfire down at the lakes edge.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Great Downtown Location

    Kelowna: Waterscapes: Apartment
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #208229
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Maxim says ‘Great property for families’
    The property is well furnished and well maintained in one of the best resort complexes in Kelowna. Great location in the resort complex, overlooking the pool. The host team (wife, husband and a friend) are super responsive and accommodating.

    The complex is located centrally, steps away from the waterfront and all of the amenities that one can seek: beaches, trails, coffee shops, artisanal bakeries, restaurants, gelaterias and ice cream shops, and so forth. The resort complex is quiet and well maintained. The Community Director does an amazing job and the resort has hotel like properties: super clean, everything is in good repair, and has a great gym.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Top Floor Unit with a View

    West Kelowna: Barona Beach: Condo in a complex
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #248253
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Caitlin says ‘Wonderful family experience ’
    Our unit had a beautiful view, was clean, and was a great size for our family of five. It was great having a gym, and pool, and access to a boat lift. We loved our time together at Barona!
    Owner Comments
    Thank you for your review and kind comments. It was a pleasure meeting you and your family. Wonderful to hear that you all had an enjoyable time.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Luxury on Okanagan Lake

    West Kelowna: Barona Beach: Townhouse in a complex
    2 BDR • 3 BA • Sleeps 6 • #127381
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Sharla says ‘Loved this condo!’
    We stayed for a week in this gorgeous space. The condo itself was spacious and had pretty much everything we needed. The condo complex was wonderful; the pool was warm and really big and the beach just steps away. Overall we would definitely recommend staying here for sure and hope to be back one day soon!
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Luxurious New 3 Bedroom /

    Kelowna: Playa Del Sol : Condo in a complex
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #132239
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Martin says ‘Great Time in Kelowna’
    I visited during the 1st week of July 2019. There were 8 adults and we were comfortable, the unit is large enough with 2 large decks. Good beds, complete kitchen and all in good conditions. The complex is very well located near 2 superb beaches as well as restaurants facing the lake plus great coffee within the complex. We would go back for sure.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Hill Top Cottage with

    Fintry: La Casa: Cottage
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #202769
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Macarena says ‘Amazing View!’
    The house is very well located, close to the upper pool, and it is perfect for families. It has an AMAZING lake view.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
  • Best Beach House in

    Kelowna: Central Kelowna: Beach style house
    4 BDR • 3 BA • Sleeps 9 • #149482
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Sharon says ‘Perfect Location with All the Comforts of Home’
    Enjoyed over a week with extended family in this spacious, well equipped home. Great value considering the many amenities, the helpful owner and local manager. The owner has thought of everything one might need on vacation. The beds and pillows were all comfy, clean and had quilt/blanket options on each for comfort. The great room is huge with many seating options; same with the deck and beach. Cooking was a breeze in the spacious kitchen with plenty of pots, pans, serving bowls, dishes, cutlery and appliances, and BBQ with extra tank. We had my 9 month old granddaughter with us and there was a playpen and booster seat for her, and lots of room to roam in this child-friendly home. The location is next to a bird sanctuary, Okanagan Lake boardwalk, and a new trail, and easy walking distance to the arena, and Knox Mountain and City parks. The location is quiet despite the many nearby restaurants, nightlife and other things along the lake.
    Stayed with family - Recommended to friends and family
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