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  • 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Condo

    Palm Springs: Desert Princess: Condo in a complex
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #212971
    1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
    Lyn says ‘Excellent value’
    We stayed at this property in Cathedral City for eight nights and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has everything that you could possibly want including a well stocked fridge! If you are looking for a really nice, affordable place to stay, take a close look at this property!
    Stayed with friends - Recommended to friends and family
  • Warm Sands 2BR w/ 2 Master

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 4 • #232509
    Provided by Property Manager
    I had read a few reviews claiming this was all a scam but it's not! They literally have 24/7 LIVE help and they're quick. The payments For the rental are easy to make and the home was amazing! Great experience for my first time renting a vacation home. I'd recommend it to my friends and family.
  • Trousdale 4BR Mid-Century

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    4 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #228341
    Provided by Property Manager
    We rented the Tahquitz River Beauty for Labor Day weekend for 7 people. We arrived late on a Friday and realized the next morning that the house hadn't been properly cleaned (we found broken glass on the floor). I called Turn Key and they were very professional and sent over a cleaning crew and maintenance man who made the house sparkling clean and fixed a few needed repairs :) The local rep from Palm Springs was a little rude at first, but overall everyone was really nice and the office checked in with me once everything was clean and ready. They also refunded us the cleaning fee.

    - The house is super cute! Great living room area.
    - Comfortably fits 7 people (could fit more if needed)
    - The kitchen is great for cooking and entertaining (tip: there are hidden drawers within the kitchen makes more sense when you see it).
    - Great pool and backyard (great grill too!)
    - Great location; close to downtown PS, close to grocery store and Starbucks :)

    - 1 of t
  • 3BR/2.5BA Modern Palm

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 2.5 BA • Sleeps 6 • #231944
    Provided by Property Manager
    As someone who rents vacation homes in Palm Springs once or twice per year, I am incredibly disappointed in our overall experience at this property. The home and outdoor space was beautiful and comfortable, but the lack of information made it difficult to relax and enjoy the amenities. Since there was no guide or handbook for the home we struggled to figure out how to close the gate, operate the electric blinds, turn down the AC, light the fire pit, heat the pool and operate the TV. We had to make at least 3 calls to Turnkey and while they were helpful, polite and quick to respond, this was a big intrusion on our vacation. The AC wasn't working properly and it got pretty hot during our last night's stay but it was too late to get someone out to repair it until the next day. The jacuzzi heater wasn't on when we arrived so we had to wait 12-18 hours for that to heat up, and the pool was cold and needed to be heated but since there weren't instructions on how to do so, that also took approx 18 hours. The electri
  • 3BR/2BA Mid Century

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #233059
    Provided by Property Manager
    This house could not have been better. It had every amenity you could ask for. The kitchen was amazingly stocked. The decor was beautiful. Bathrooms clean and stocked. The house was available early and they offered late check out. An overall amazing experience and we are planning to rent the same house next year.
  • 4BR Remodeled Gem w/ Pool

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    4 BDR • 3 BA • Sleeps 7 • #234584
    Provided by Property Manager
    Beautifully decorated and spacious, was clean and had everything you need to make your stay enjoyable. It’s got a full kitchen; washer and dryer, bathrooms had miniature soap, shampoo, and conditioner (like a hotel). There were plenty of towels. The pool area and backyard had many areas to relax. Nice to have a market close by for last minute errands.
  • 4BR/4BA Centered Around

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    4 BDR • 4 BA • Sleeps 8 • #233041
    Provided by Property Manager
    This rental was perfect for our girls getaway. The place was spotless and very spacious. There were two rooms inside and two separate rooms with their own bathrooms outside that were disconnected from the house. Everyone had their own privacy. The pool area was so nice to lounge around. It had enough lounge chairs and umbrellas for everyone to be comfortable. I give this house 5 starts, but our interaction with turn key was not so great. The security alarm had a low battery so it kept beeping. We tried to turn it off and accidentally set off the alarm. We called turnkey and they gave us the code to turn it off and also said they will have someone come the next day to change the battery. It was Kate so we were fine with that. Well the next day nobody showed and we had the same issue with the beeping and setting off the alarm. The cops showed up this time and turnkey couldn't give us any advice since the code wasn't working this time around. The alarm went off numerous times during the night and nobody got ade
  • 2BR, 2BA Cool Palm Springs

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 4 • #231286
    Provided by Property Manager
    When we arrived the prior renters left a note complaining about things...however most of it we disregard it is disturbing to walk in and read such a note and does leave a bad taste in your mouth...the cleaning people should have gotten rid of it before we arrived... If you want a copy of note, please contact me I took a picture...I also think that when leaving supplies the amount of guests and time renting should be taken into account and the appropriate amount of supplies provided... IE toilet paper and towels...Also I received several emails about iPad being low on power and i haven't even touched it in a day or more get back to condo and its at 50+ percent...and the code to get in is long and tedious especially when its super dark out and you fumbling through phone for email with number plus using phone for light...I suggest a 4 or 5 digit number thats easy to remember...
  • Contemporary 4BR/3BA Pool

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    4 BDR • 3 BA • Sleeps 8 • #235489
    Provided by Property Manager
    The house was everything I can asked for to celebrate my birthday. Love the location and peaceful neighborhood. The pictures are exactly the same, and the rooms were wonderful. Super clean, very cute decor. A few issues, no pool light, the pool temperature was acting up, our last night at the house the pool water was super hot you could even see steam coming out the pool which made it really difficult to enjoy the pool our last night. But overall the house is extremely gorgeous! I would recommend it to all my friends.
  • Colorful, Pop Art Palm

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    4 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 8 • #229301
    Provided by Property Manager
    This was a great house. Super clean when we got there and a great place for our family. The pool is a good size (we've been tricked in the past with some wide angle lens photography). Turnkey was very responsive and super fast responding whenever anything needed to be fixed. The only downside of this place is that the 4th bedroom is located far from the air conditioning unit and is MUCH warmer than the rest of the bedrooms and house. Very close to the tramway and grocery stores, etc.
  • Remodeled 3BR Mid-Century

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #232512
    Provided by Property Manager
    House is exactly as describe. We are happy customers. Turnkey is a service that is very easy to work with.
  • 2BR with Mountain Views

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    2 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 4 • #229072
    Provided by Property Manager
    The house was gorgeous and very clean. I am a 35 yr old mother of three who was traveling to a nursing conference for Pediatric Oncology. At 610pm on the second night of our stay, myself and 7 other nurses (one being the manager of our unit) decided to come back to our place to have drinks, order out, and debrief on the last couple of weeks with all the deaths on our unit. Again at 610pm, I was called to the door where a officer and turn key employee who did not introduce himself rudely asked if I was Hayley and if I had signed the contract stating the rules on "Amplified music." I stated "of course." The music that was playing in the background was from an Iphone with NO speakers. We have several videos that show that you can not even hear the music over us talking. Long story short I was mortified and humiliated when with no warning was given a 500 dollar ticket and then evicted from property. I was given 30 minutes to get my stuff together and get out. Again, we are 30 something professionals with our boss
  • 3BR Bungalow w/ Private

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #235402
    Provided by Property Manager
    such a fantastic stay at this adorable cottage with the perfect Palm Springs decor! the house was perfect for a weekend trip with friends. With a stocked kitchen and open floor plan this house really feels like home. The living space opens to a beautiful well stocked (love the floats!) pool with plenty of sunshine to hang outside all day. We will definitely be back!
  • Classic Palm Springs House

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 3 BA • Sleeps 8 • #229125
    Provided by Property Manager
    This is the second time we've stayed at this house, and we would stay there again! It had everything we needed. Spacious and clean and nicely decorated. The back yard was the highlight and the pool is absolutely amazing!
  • Twin Palms Mid-Century

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #228703
    Provided by Property Manager
    Initially I was supposed to stay at a different house but 48 hrs before check in I was notified the property I had reserved over a month earlier was "no longer available". That right there was upsetting in itself. So they gave me 3 options to choose from and this was the closest one that would fit our needs. We were supposed to check in Friday, I get a call Thursday around 3pm to notify me that now this property has some issues. The stove top doesn't work! So I ask if the oven works at least and they said indeed it did.

    Upon arrival the outside was beautiful. Walk up to the front door and there's a sharp cactus plant over grown in the walkway. Then the front door is made of glass and the outside layer is broken and has large shards of exposed. On the inside there was a tiny post it stating "broken- be careful". Not acceptable. I had children with me. Nobody had notified me of this safety hazard.

    Then after buying a bunch of food we can bake, we come to find out the oven doesn't work eit
  • Mid-Century Palm Springs

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #231956
    Provided by Property Manager
    House was just as described and advertised. There was plenty of room for the family and we really loved the large backyard. The pool and spa area were super relaxing and our favorite amenity. It was also nice to grill outside to avoid heating the house up. We really enjoyed our stay and plan to return to Palm Springs in the future.
  • 2BR/2.5BA Sundance sheek

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    2 BDR • 2.5 BA • Sleeps 4 • #233440
    Provided by Property Manager
    This place was everything that I was expecting.
  • TurnKey - Flawless

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #228424
    Provided by Property Manager
    Amazing for it being a last minute booking. Everything came out just right, gave myself and my family a incredible memory.
  • 2BR/2.5BA Palm Springs

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    2 BDR • 2.5 BA • Sleeps 4 • #228395
    Provided by Property Manager
    Hello name is Vardan and my experience with PALM SPRING Town-House was excellent.I with My family like to thank to the owner for having us staying in your house and mean time I like to apologize to you that I accidentally broke one glass from your glass set .Keyless entry is a bonus.Stylish House was clean and well kept.Many amenities to pick.Entire decoration is attractive.Nice size tv fast internet.Customer service guide is fantastic.Nice to see a books in a room means a lot .Big Book Photo Album worth the time to spend.House was calm and inviting.Great Location 5-10 min walk to old town.Quite clean streets.Nice neighborhood.Pool area was clean we had a great time.Amazing view facing towards mountains nice lemon tree.Activities Are many individual choice. Riveria has a good coffee and deserts Cathedral city offers a attraction and playground for kids and adults and exadra exadra.This is my experience with 7 days.Town house there is something special and magnetic about that home very lovely.Thanks for read
  • Walk to Victoria Park

    Palm Springs: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #232414
    Provided by Property Manager
    My family and I loved this house! Everything was well organized the house manual that was left is so helpful and very clear. The pool area is amazing and the pool toys were a great addition. The house had a welcoming feeling I would recommend this house to anyone who wants to come to Palm Spring to relax and enjoin some sun.
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