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  • Family Holiday Villa

    Ponta Delgada: Villa
    5 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 18 • #242695
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    Paula says ‘Major Concerns’
    We first had to wait for an hour for someone to meet us to give us the keys, we then get into the house that had such a moldy smell that we went and bought scented candles to get rid of the smell. The house has so much potential but unfortunately without fixing a few things its not worth it. The sofas are very very old actually disgusting, we had a very serious problems with cockroaches, they were all over the place outside and some inside, we could not open the windows to air out the house because when we tried we saw spiders crawling inside, the windows have no screens, we hated to come back to the house, it smelled, couldn't open the windows, to much spiders and cockroaches, just made us want to leave, we killed so many spiders every night, we had to kill cockroaches at 2 am because my kid saw it walking, so at 2 am I went to kill this thing, absolutely disgusting, my family lives 20 minutes away and they dont have nothing like this, they have screens on the windows, they spray for insects etc, would never recommend this place with the way it is.
    Owner Comments
    I'm so sorry to hear that. We work hard to make everything work for our customers.
    If you ask me at third day to leave the house I could do this for you, no problem, but you dont ask me that.
    But in your case, it seems that you have a particular misunderstood.
    First of all:
    1. We have to wait over an hour for you to pick up the keys, because it takes a lot of time to get the rental car - It's not you waiting, it's me!
    2. the Check-in by the house rules is14 hours, you ask 07:00 of the morning, and we agreed for special favour because the last guests make the check out a day before, but we wait for you until 09.00 am - not you wating! You are confused as the same way you try recover the security deposit you havent payed.
    3. Even the house are located 10m from Ponta Delgada city center the house is in countryside, and the large garden is place for different life forms in did.
    3 days after your check in, you comes with this pests problems, when we go to solve your problem, you cant say where you saw the spiders and cockroaches and we dont saw nothing. But we apply pest kills from a company as have been proved you. And in this day concerning your concerns we applied again.
    At this day you also said, my sister also applies a powder to pest kills, now you said different: "they dont have nothing like this".
    "we could not open the windows to air" The only thing I've saw was the laundry space with wide open doors, and the front window not closed. and also I saw your yellow smile when I ask you to pay attention with safe, concerning this facts.
    Thanks God we are in a safe zone!
    About your kids asking to kill bugs 02.00 am, you are talking from mans with more than 20 years with hard beard asking to mom to kill something? Cockroaches and spiders makes noises when walking?
    Any way, my house is fulled all the summers and part of winter, for more than 4 years in activity.
    I'm sorry for your discomfort! I would like to recommend to choose city houses next time you comes to Ponta Delgada. And maybe you can ask your sister to check out the houses you want to rent before you come.
    Kind regards
    Stayed with family - Would not recommend to friends and family
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