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  • 5BR/4BA Lakefront Volente

    Volente: Vacation Rental
    5 BDR • 4 BA • Sleeps 12 • #231245
    Provided by Property Manager
    beautiful property, highly recommended
  • Lakeside 3BR in Village of

    Volente: Vacation Rental
    3 BDR • 2 BA • Sleeps 6 • #235056
    Provided by Property Manager
    After arriving, we found a few dirty dishes in the sink, which I quickly washed up. Everything else appeared to be in order. Unfortunately, it was not and our experience was not great.
    I had left my make-up bag on the counter in the bathroom and the next morning, when I turned on the bathroom light, a huge red cockroach crawled out!!! We found lots of dead ones around too. I tried contacting the management company by the email address provided but have yet to receive a response (5 days at the time of this review).
    The only towels we could find were 2 beach towels in a pile on the floor in the laundry room. When I went to wash them, I found the rest of the towels, wet and moldy, inside of the washing machine. Gross. I had to wash all of the moldy towels in hot water twice to get the musty smell out of them (these were the only other towels in the entire place). The lint trap in the dryer was completely full and looked like no one had ever cleaned it out (which is a major fire hazard). After the first d
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