Travelling with Children

Travelling with Children: Tips to Keeping the Kids Engaged at any Age

Travelling with Kids can be frightening, but the benefits outweigh the downsides if you prepare adequately. Plan for extra time, avoid overpacking, etc., when travelling with children. Stay with and enjoy your family travel.

Travelling with Children

Travelling with Kids

Family travel

There is no doubt that children love travelling. Besides being enjoyable, family travel can help your kids learn from significant historic structures, improve their problem-solving skills, learn about great figures in history, etc.

There is no doubt that children love travelling. Besides being enjoyable, family travel can help your kids learn from significant historic structures, improve their problem-solving skills, learn about great figures in history, etc.

This insightful piece details everything you need to know about travelling with your kids to a new or familiar destination.

Travelling with Kids of All Ages

A child is anyone in your family who is below the legal age of majority. Therefore, age is the first thing to consider before picking specific techniques for having fun with your kids while on the road. Doing pre-trip research on your children's needs depending on their ages, will help you identify kid-friendly fun activities and choose a destination that fits them most.


Infants are typically very young babies in the early stages of their development. Their ages range from the newborn stage to approximately two years. Travelling with these children will make your vacation seamless because they are portable and generally the easiest to travel with.

When travelling with children, it is easier to keep infants happy. Just keep them on their usual routine and create a comfortable environment for them to enjoy the family travel. If they are used to sleeping or eating at specific times, stay as close to that schedule as possible. Plus, remember to travel with their favourite toys.


If your child begins to walk, they are in the toddler category. Most toddlers are between the age of one and three. They are aware of their environment at this age and will engage in the different sightings surrounding them, making them fun company during family travel. For example, when taking pictures, toddlers will want to push the shutter button on your phone and celebrate this minor achievement.

When travelling with kids, specifically toddlers, bring plenty of wipes and diapers. That's because most children of this age aren't yet potty trained. A spare outfit packed and readily accessible for you and your toddler will also go a long way.

School-Age Children

As the name suggests, a school-age child refers to a kid whose language skills keep growing. In addition, many behaviour changes in school-age children occur while attempting to find their place among their peers. Most school-age children are between ages 6 and 12, and the hint to keeping them engaged throughout the family trip is to involve them in the planning.

With this in mind, you can allow your school-age kids to choose their favourite activities and potential destinations. This act empowers them significantly to become responsible teenagers and adults after that. Whether trying surfing or seeing a breathtaking site, giving them the freedom of choice means a lot. That's not all! Reading online reviews can help you find guides that have engaged well with school-age children in the past.


As the name suggests, teenagers are children aged 13 or 19 or somewhere between. When travelling with kids and teenagers are in the picture, ask them to help you plan parts of the family travel. Find out which attractions excite them and allow them to pick one or two. This will help keep them engaged before, during and after the trip.

However, things might go wrong when you bring teenagers on family travel. At one point, they might leave their iPhones in a taxi in one city with no sure way of getting the device back. In another instance, your teenage child might be late to go to the bathroom due to playing too many video games, and you miss a bus.

Tips and Information for Family travel

We understand how overwhelming travelling with your whole family can be, especially when more than one child is in the picture. With time, you get used to it but let's face it. Kids are more likely to be a cause of concern when travelling than adults.

With that in mind, we prepared the following tips that we found most helpful when travelling with your children. They are also easy to implement.

1. Plan for Additional Time

Preparing for a family travel vacation is one thing and preparing adequately is another. To prepare adequately means you have considered the possibility of the holiday taking longer than initially planned. For alone trips, it makes sense not to plan for extra time because you only focus on yourself.

But if you are travelling with children, it is essential to take it slow and realize that things like checking in at the airport and getting through the airport's security might take longer than you expected. And that also includes purchasing some drinks and snacks, boarding the plane, and more.

2. Introduce Your Kids to the Trip Plan

If you are travelling with your children for the first time, outline the trip to make them comfortable and happy. Recapping the travel in advance familiarizes your kids with what to expect. This act makes them more comfortable with everything going on, even if they see too many new activities.

3. Ensure Safety and Security

When travelling with children, logistical problems can easily catch up with you. Therefore, we recommend always keeping an eye on your children. Children are adventurous, and they might climb a tree, balance on a log, or jump off a platform at a playground in the blink of an eye. We all enjoyed these and many other adventurous experiences as children. Now it is our time to monitor our children even as they adventure.

4. Avoid Overpacking

The hint here is to pack as little as possible. Imagine travelling with around 3 to 4 kids and bringing 100 pounds of luggage. It is both overwhelming and tiresome. You should return from your family travel more relaxed and happier instead of frustrated and with a sore neck. Therefore, the recommendation is to avoid packing everything children use at home.

5. Prebooking is Important

Solo travellers are used to getting to their destinations before getting a comfortable place to stay. This is often different from what you should do when travelling with kids. Prebooking your entire family's accommodation helps you get satisfying rest immediately after arriving at your destination. The chances are high that you and your kids are already tired from the day's long journey.

Plan a Trip With Your Kids and Stay With OwnerDirect

With tip number 5 in mind, OwnerDirect invites you to make early accommodation bookings when travelling with children anywhere in the United States of America or Canada. Remember that anything you can book in advance is one less thing to worry about. OwnerDirect prides itself on delivering the home-away-from-home experience.

Getting your children out into the wider world and staying with OwnerDirect comes with numerous benefits. Contact us today, and we will show you how. | we have much to see

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