The Yukon, the smallest of Canada's three federal territories, is overflowing with beautiful mountainous terrain and other beautiful aspects of nature. The iconic northern lights, described by some as heavenly, can be seen here each fall easily. Its mesmerizing glow and fascinating colors draw visitors easily. The Yukon's diverse culture and wealth of outdoor activities give it much appeal. Home to an estimated 37.2 thousand, and dozens of historic sites and attractions, the Yukon is thinly populated. This Canadian territory is one of the most desirable places to live for those trying to get closer to nature or remove themselves from hustle-and-bustle. The Yukon's tourist rate relies heavily on its untouched state, and there are an abundance of guides and outfitters available to help anglers, hunters and other nature enthusiast. The tourism motto for this province is "Larger than life" and visitors spend around two hundred million annually. The name Yukon stems from the Locheux native word for great river (Yuk-un-ah), due to its amazingly huge Yukon River, which flows across the Yukon area into Alaskan territory.

The largest industry in the Yukon is mining, with zinc, silver, lead and gold being the main minerals. Due to recent trends, the manufacturing industry has increased in importance. The various industries in Yukon have created a stable and flourishing economic state; because of this, there are thousands of affordable, quality apartments for rent, and visitors move quickly to lease. The capital of Yukon, Whitehorse, is overflowing with one and two bedroom apartments. Yukon University, a renowned college in the province, is near hundreds of attractive rooms for rent. Yukon has acknowledged the need for upscale living, and has developed a host of prestigious communities, attractively built and situated in breathtaking locations.

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