Sintra is a town and a municipality in the Lisbon Coast, Portugal. Its spectacular setting is easily reached by bus, train or car and is only 28km from Lisbon. Accommodations and lodging range from beautiful villa rentals, condo rentals, apartment rentals, accommodations and vacation rentals.

Once you get to Sintra and you are ready explore, its best to take the bus around town and walk from the bus stops to the attractions. Parking is abysmal and during festive seasons and holiday weekends, Sintra can be absolutely packed with cars and people. The same can be said for accommodation. It would be best to book your vacation rental, condo rental, villa rental or apartment rental well in advanced. If you must drive to Sintra, park in one of the several parking lots below the town center and walk up into town.

This little town has a great many attractions and history hence why Sintra was added to UNESCO World Heritage list in 1996. Amongst the great sites there is: Regaleira Palace, situated at the historic centre of Sintra, is also part of the built heritage included in UNESCO's world heritage list as "Sintra cultural landscape". The origins of this place date back to 1697. The Moorish Castle (Castelo dos Mouros) is one of the highlights of Sintra. It was built by the Moors from the 9th century onwards. The Royal Palace, used by generations of Portuguese royalty prior to the 1910 revolution, is a favourite site of both local and foreign tourists. Your next holiday could be right inside the walls of this beautiful and historic town. Vacation rentals, condo rentals, apartment rentals and villa rentals are available year round.

Shopping is limited to souvenirs; fresh produce and Porto wine are all on sale in the Sintra historic district.

Sintra’s surrounding area offers visitors some great outdoor walking opportunities. There is a walking trail through the woods to the Moorish castle that starts above the Sintra city center at the wooden turnstile on the Rampa do Castelo. Mountains of Sintra are very good for hiking. It is visited by many tourists every year. Almost all areas are covered with dense almost jungle like forest, you will find many ancient ruins and spectacular view from the top. There are several monumental places to see.

The beauty of the scenery, combined with the magnificent subtropical vegetation and the nearness of the sea, is almost beyond compare, making Sintra one of the loveliest spots in the Iberian Peninsula. This is a great, year round, cultural town to base yourself in, stay in an authentic Portuguese vacation rental, condo rental, vacation rental, villa rental or in villas surrounded by Sintra’s beautiful mountains. Read More Read Less
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