Year-round accommodation options in Phoenix, Arizona. 'Snowbirds' enjoy flocking to Phoenix in the fall, winter and spring to get away from the cold back home. Condo rentals and other types of vacation rentals are an excellent lodging choice for visitors who want all the amenities of home. A vacation rental is an ideal accommodation choice for visitors who plan to stay for a while, but are also great for shorter visits as well.

Phoenix, Arizona is touted as 'the Valley of the Sun' and is known for its beautiful weather. Winter, fall and spring offer mild temperatures that are perfect for a round of golf at one of the hundreds of courses in the area. Or, take a hike through South Mountain Park, one of the Valley's many mountain preserves. Summer weather is hot and dry, and accommodations with pools are extra popular as they give visitors a chance to cool off.

Visitors remark about how different things look in Phoenix. The sky looks bigger, the sun shines brighter and the sunsets seem endless. Phoenix is America's fifth-largest city, yet still retains its country and rugged charm. The gateway to the Grand Canyon, Phoenix is rich in history and is a great place to visit. Against the country and rugged charm of the area, Phoenix also has an atmosphere of urban sophistication. Spas and resorts are world-class here. Restaurants and fine dining options will inspire your taste buds.

Hiking, golfing, shopping and a trip to a decadent spa are some of the favorite activities of people who visit Phoenix. With pleasant year-round weather, Phoenix plays host to tourists every month of the year. The average annual temperature is 72 degrees F. In the winter, the average high is 67 degrees F. In spring and fall, temperatures often reach 80 degrees. Summer is hot, but it is a dry heat, meaning the 90 degree weather is quite nice. It doesn't rain a lot in Phoenix which means that all year round is a great time for hiking, lounging by the pool or taking in a round of golf.

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