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Radium Hot Springs is a village located in British Columbia, Canada, often informally referred to as Radium. Its a small village with less than a thousand residents. It was so named after the hot springs found near the world heritage site of Kootenay National Park. These hot spring mineral pools are a must-visit because they are famous throughout the world.

Radium Hot Springs is a great mountain getaway village for tourists with various accommodations available here like resorts, condo units, motels, vacation homes, apartments, bed and breakfasts and campgrounds. Another good reason is the unlimited number of activities tourists can enjoy within the village such as viewing the most beautiful alpine scenery in the world, enjoying outdoor activities like golfing on nearby golf courses, swimming and bathing in the world-renown hot spring pools, skiing, outdoor dining, biking, and much more.

The Kootenay National Park is a popular world heritage park found on the Banff - Windermere Highway. Here you will find the hot spring mineral pools which are among its main attractions. The park itself is also really worth visiting. It was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1984.

The hot springs are no doubt the main attraction in the village. These hot springs are odorless pools which are actually surrounded by walls of natural rocks. Reported to be the largest in Canada, these hot springs are guaranteed to blow all your stress and weariness away. In the early 1900s, people almost started to take water from the hot springs and sell it in bottles because they were thought to have therapeutic powers. But later on, it was discovered that the waters had traces of radon, a decay product of the radio-active element radium, thus the name Radium Hot Springs.

You can find two large pools in the hot springs complex: one is perfect for soaking in hot water of 39 degree Celsius, and the other one is an Olympic swimming pool which has around 29 degree Celsius temperature. Additionally, they have the so- called plunge pool, a small pool about the size of a tub whose temperature can be hot or cold. Hot if its coming from the source or cold if its coming from the creek running just beneath the pools. You can read reviews of tourists who have been to the hot springs, and most of what you will read is really positive and good.

While there are so many other things to enjoy and do in the village, these world famous hot spring mineral pools continue to be the favorite and the main reason for tourist visits. They are indeed Canadas largest hot spring pools and offer activities for the entire family to enjoy: hot spring swimming for those who want to be soaked in hot water and a cooler swimming pool for exercise.

Whether you are going to Radium Hot Springs Village to visit the local golf courses or perhaps to ski in the Panorama Ski Resort or perhaps visiting the Kootenay National Park, you should not miss having a plunge in the Hot Spring Pools. Its going to be worth your time.

Tourists cant help but keep coming back to the village, mainly for the hot springs.

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